IHSW and TUSAL update

I had a great weekend this past weekend.  I was really productive with my stitching goals and did some other fun things, too.  How did you all go?

These were my three stitching goals:

  1. Stitch some more on Cinderella - DONE - See progress pics below (not sure why the photos look so green)
  2. Finish three stitching gifts for my winners of the Packing Advice Giveaway so I can post them this week - DONE - but can't show photos because they have yet to be posted and received by my last Giveaway winners, so you will all have to just wait!
  3. Work on my 12 Days of Christmas SAL - DONE - See progress pic below

Her dress is really taking shape now.

The frogging problem was solved!
This is really taking shape - I really like the little pear.

My Tusal jar is staring to fill up, mainly with all that green thread which I had to frog three times!

I just wanted to finish by showing you the cockatoos which visit us once a year.  In the front garden we have an enormous cedar tree and once a year, when the pinecones are ripe the cockatoos descend in great flocks, make a raucous noise and strip the pinecones from the tree.  I hope that you can see, I had to zoom right in to get any pictures of the birds.

Bye for now, 



Melissa said…
Cinderella looks great!

Great job on the 12 days of Christmas. The pear does look cute :)
robindefender said…
Wow, the cockatoos are amazing. Your stitching looks great. Glad you were able to sort out the green problem. Hope it's the last one for a good, long while!
dulcinella said…
Cinderella looks so stunning already! Your jar is so cute. I recognize the frogging thing. Suddenly i have,lots of thread in my jar
Anonymous said…

Your stitching is looking great!
Great TUSAL and lovely cockatoos.
Shirlee said…
Wow! You really did make some progress this weekend! Congratulations!
Great progress on your WIPs! How cool to have wild cockatoos in your yard!
demeter83 said…
Cinderella, I knew I recognised it! Absolutely gorgeous stitching!
Linda said…
Great progress on Cinderella Kaye. And Santa, your half way done already. You're going to be passing us up in the first month. lol

Veronica said…
Cinderella is progressing beautifully. Glad to hear the frog problem has been fixed.

Stitching Noni said…
Good to see your sorted out your froggy visitor!! Cinderella looks great. I like the pear too ;0)
Chris said…
Great progress Kaye!
Those are big birds!
beagleAnnie said…
Hi Kaye,
Great work! I love to see your progress on this blog.
What a story about unique annual visitors!!
mdgtjulie said…
Cockatoos are such pretty birds. I've always thought so. And your stitching looks lovely, Kaye. I like Cinderella the best, and I'm glad to hear you've kicked the frog to the curb. Awesome!!
Bea said…
Great work. I really like Cinderella's skirt.
Margaret said…
What a lovely blog! Love your stitching! Love cats, love history. So I'm all set! lol! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The designer for the piece I'm stitching is Heartstring Samplery. I love her designs!
Barb said…
All 3 of your WIP's look great. I look forward to seeing your progress.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Margaret, I should have known - Beth's designs are always lovely.
Mangogirl said…
gorgeous stitching :D
SoCal Debbie said…
Santa looks great! I love your pretty TUSAL jar!
Lynn said…
Cinderella is stunning so far! You're making great progress on her.
Love your ort jar! It's just too cute!

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