IHSW - a great success!

[Sorry that this post is late but it has taken me four days to get the photos onto the post.  For some reason iPhoto and my camera are not talking to each other, so I have had to find a roundabout way to get my photos onto blogger.]

Well, I hibernated all weekend after having such a busy week at the conference and, lucky for me, this coincided with IHSW!  Yay!  Great motivation and I actually had 11 finishes!  Yes, count them  - 11! Now, these are all of varying degrees of work required but nevertheless, I am very pleased with what I achieved this past weekend.  Would you like to see?

Finishes 1 to 4:

I finished four pom pom scissors fobs - I had great fun choosing which buttons to use as I searched through my Grandmother's button tin.  Do you like the lid?  It is a scene of the city of Melbourne - probably from the 1950s, you can tell if you look closely at the cars.

Last time you saw these pom poms they looked like this:

Now they are four beautiful scissors fobs - which are going to be sent away to bloggy friends around the world:

Side 1
Side 2
Finish 5:  

I finally finished the Summer Garden Travelling Pattern!  It has taken a while as it was literally a Travelling Pattern as I stitched it on the train to work!  It also took a while as I had to stitch the border four times!!!!!  That frog prince has a lot to answer for!

Now, I have stitched my version with much more colour than the suggested pattern, so I have opted for a plainer border with not leaves or flowers in the corner. I hope that you all like my choice:

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my finish on this piece.

Finishes 6 and 7:

Now there are four - I finished two more little bunnies:

I think that I am done with Little Bunnies now (four may be enough!) - so watch out for a post about sending this Travelling Pattern on.

Finishes 8, 9 and 10:

I am going to either finish the Little Bunnies as needle books or as flat finish ornaments.  Either way they need a back  - so, as I want to give some of these away as gifts, I stitched some initials for the back:

Finish 11:
You may remember that the other week I finished stitching Birdhouse Alphabet, well during IHSW I fully finished it as a cushion, I am very pleased with the result.  This cushion will be sent off to a stitchy friend, too.

So, that is all from me for now.

love to you all,

P.S. I have so much more I want to post about so please come back for a visit soon.


cucki said…
Wow busy bee ..a huge well done to you
All the finishes are so cute..I love them so much..
Big hugs for you x
sharine said…
You go girl! Great finishes:)
Linda said…
What wonderful finishes! I love all the color you added to the Summer Garden...everything is awesome! Have a great day!!
Nicola said…
So much beautiful stitching Kaye, Summer Garden is so pretty with the colours you have chosen.
DJH said…
Wonderful! They are all great finishes.
Christine M said…
What a clever idea for scissor fobs. I just love your Summer Garden, Kaye. It is gorgeous.
Barb said…
Love your finishes. Great job on them.
Peggy Lee said…
Woo-hoo! Gold star for you.
Beautiful finishes and I love those fobs!
Faith... said…
WOW - 11 finishes, congrats! I just love those little bunnies, they are so cute. What a great idea for scissors fobs!
Linda said…
Geez Kaye. Talk about being a busy bee. I absolutely love everything that you got done. Love the scissor fobs. (don't have one). I too have a button tin that was my mother which was her mothers. I will have to take it out one of these days and take a pic. Summer garden looks great. Love the little bunnies but I didn't see my initial. lol (Just kiddin' with ya) I didn't see a santa's 12 day finish. Oh, I'm being bad. Enjoyed seeing everything that you got done.

xoxox Linda
Anne said…
Your finishes are so nice. You have been busy!! :)
Mii Stitch said…
Love the summer garden! It's very colourful & so pretty :)
Valma said…
Wow ! how busy you've been
and you did such lovely pieces
I love the bunnies, definitely =D
And your scissors fobs are so beautiful, I have to try this =)
congrats on your Summer garden ! your border is great, it perfectly suits, well done
well done on everything in fact =)
we are happy your camera and Iphoto had a reconciliation =D
big hugs
Thoeria said…
Oh my...but you have been busy! What sweet little fobs! And so much beautiful stitiching!Loving your version of Summer Garden :)
Stress Less said…
Wow! You had a great weekend! Your finishes are wonderful.
Kate said…
A very busy weekend - congratulations on your finishes
Beautiful finishes! Those scissor fobs are so cute. Great job!
Catherine said…
Wow!! Wonderful goodies!! Love Summer Garden!
Sally said…
Your finishes are so pretty Kaye. Love each and every one of them.
Emma/Itzy said…
What a productive weekend! well done! :) x
Congrats on all the great finishes. I call the pompoms Suffolk Puffs but in Norwich they call them Norfolk Puffs.
Love the colours for your Summer Garden but is there a bird missing? Cute bunnies too, just right for Easter.
Super finishes Kaye, my favourite being the cushion. You asked about my work, I am covering a vacation, it's actually my old job an dit's just office work a bit of everything. I don't enjoy doing it, but the money is good, so can't say no.

SoCal Debbie said…
Hi Kaye, you certainly had a productive IHSW! The Summer Garden border is very nice. I can see how the frog would be tempted to visit you with a border like this, that has to be exactly right! All the little finishes with bunnies and initials are lovely! They will be great gifts.
marie said…
Your stitching is so beautiful!! I especially love the Summer Garden piece.
♥ Nia said…
lovely stitching :)
Maureen said…
What a productive weekend. Great wee finishes!
Caitlin Jordan said…
So many gorgeous finishes this weekend! I love the little bunnies!
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Mouse said…
love the wee sissor pompoms ... and your summer garden is beautiful and looks lovely with out the corners ... and your birdhouse alphabet cushion is gorgeous too :) love mouse xxxxx
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