A couple of new SALs and some Stash Empire building...

.... because I am just not busy enough (lol!) and I am a sucker for SALs, I have started a couple of new ones.

First up is Stitcher Anon's Halloween Stitchalong, we have a FB group where you can check out everyone's progress here.

This is where I am up to.... running a bit behind but that is okay, I don't mind.

Halloween Store
Stitcher Anon
28 ct orange fabbie
Assorted specialist threads (whatever takes my fancy)

SAL number two I am doing with Sarah and Lija and we are stitching Little Sheep Virtues by LHN. We have started with "Hope".

This is going to be a train stitching piece for me, so I am hopeful it will all go quite quickly.

Yesterday, I popped into my LNS,  Lazy Daisy to pick up my copy of JCS Halloween Ornie magazine.  Sometimes it is so frustrating being in Australia, as these mags are so hard to get!

But, of course, whilst I was there I had to pick up some more Stash Empire.....

... some gorgeous Blackbird Designs and some wonderful Prairie Schooler designs to add to my collection.  Hard to choose my favourite but it would probably have to be Cats on Parade and Without a Mouse, I think.

Well, that is all for me - two posts in one day - woo hoo!

Now, don't forget to check out my Travelling Pattern post if you are interested in being the next person to stitch Bent Creek's Land of Liberty, it closes next Sunday, 21st September.



KimM said…
Oh my - I love all your Stash Empire Building additions! I'm afraid I've added to mine, too - Tudor-themed stuff…..I wonder why??? ;0)
Angela P said…
Lovely new stash and SAL's! Now that I have seen those new BBD I am in trouble ;) I love the Cats on Parade too!
gracie said…
Wonderful stitching and great adds to your stash.
cucki said…
Yayyy yummy stash and very pretty stitching my dear xx
Barb said…
Great new stash!! I love the WIP, great colors!
Linda said…
Great new starts Kaye. I love your new stash.

marina said…
you have so many beautiful projects on the go. lots of lovely inspiration came home with you from lazy daisy. Love the look of the fables and tales. Very cute.
your travelling pattern looks great and the stars look fine.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,boy i sure do love your work and you have lots of lovely patterns there,enjoy my friend.xx
Frances N said…
Look at all your gorgeous stash! I especially like the Cats on Parade! I've seen that and thought I might have to get it, too!
Your stitching is lovely--you are very ambitious, and I know you'll be successful and get it all done! YAY
I'm impressed with your energy!!
Brigitte said…
SALs are really so intriguing - and therefore my downfall, too. BUt during bthelast two years I have become a bit more reluctant. Hmmmm, really? NO, not really, lol. This summer I have joined Sara Guermani's new SAL and I'm completely happy with it. I had also thought of joining the Halloween one that you are stitching on (and it really is great) but with all my BAPs it wouldn't be wise. At all, lol.

Have fun with your SALs and enjoy your new stash.
Great stitching on both SALs. Lovely new stash. I can't get the JCS mags at all where I'm from so I get the digital copies from their website. They are a really reasonable price.
Mii Stitch said…
Fantabulous new stash!! I'm so jealous of the Halloween JCS mag, I can't get it here in UK.... Will have to try online :)
Margaret said…
Love the new stash and the stitching too! Are those Prairie Schoolers the newest ones? Love that Fables one!
Carol said…
Wonderful new stash and nice stitching progress, Kaye! You've inspired me to do some stash-building of my own. That Cats on Parade chart is definitely going to the top of my "must buy" list :)
Currently resisting all new SALs because I am behind on two already!
Love the new stash, especially the Blackbird Designs cats and Spell of the Moon.
Denise SA said…
I am still waiting for those Blackbird designs to make it to the uk
Beautiful stash! And you are just zipping through that sheep! You're putting the rest of us to shame :D

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