Bad Turtle!

Oh dear, I have been a Bad Turtle this year.  Do you know, this is only my second Turtle Trot post for the year and it is supposed to be posted monthly! ... and this post is late for this month and I only remembered because dear Linda Scott reminded me. lol!

Turtle Trot is hosted by Claudette of BAP Attack, thanks Claudette, sorry I am not a better Turtle.

So here goes, my 10 items are:

BAP Number 1: Joan Elliott Round Robin:  This is actually finished, here is a picture of three of the lovely ladies I stitched for the Round Robin.

BAP Number 2: Snooty Parrot Sampler - no progress.
BAP Number 3: Ravenmoon Hall - no progress.
BAP Number 4: Mary Wigham - progress backwards as some frogging had to take place.

Do I detect a pattern forming here? lol!

Yes, I do!
BAP Number 5: Winter Silhouette - no progress
BAP Number 6: Cherry Tea - no progress
BAP Number 7: Henry Viii and his six wives - yay! Some progress due to my Tudor Tuesdays SAL!

This is how he looked at the start of this year:

... and as of September, 2014:

BAP Number 8:The six wives of Henry Viii  - more progress due to above.

Start of the year:

Now:  (not a lot of progress, but some!)

BAP Number 9: My beloved Cinderella - another one not touched until last night, so only a very littel progress.

Last time:


... and lastly, BAP Number 10: Kings and Queens of England - no progress.

So, I hang my head in shame and declare that I am A BAD TURTLE.  But I promise to be good next month.

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Margaret said…
I love your Henry VIII pieces. Love that time period!
Anonymous said…
wow Kaye you do the most awesome work,love seeing what you are up to.xx
Linda said…
You made great progress on the pieces you worked on Kaye. My stubborness kicks in that is why I manage to work on all of them.

Barb said…
I think you have made lots of great progress!! No head hanging allowed!
cucki said…
My dear they all such stunning stitching
I am admiring your work
Love you x
It's wonderful to see your beautiful wips. Great progress on the ones you got to work on. Love Cinderella and all the King Henry's. I too love the that period of time. love Annette
Thoeria said…
Lovely progress on Cinderella indeed! One night only?! That's good going!
KimM said…
Wow - love your pieces. I, too, love the Henry VIII time period - what a fascinating (and precarious) time to read and learn about.
Anne said…
You still have made progress Kaye! They are all great pieces and I still need to start up the 6 wives of Henry...just need to pull threads and the put needle to linen :D Hugs!
Kaye, these are beautiful pieces! Beads in embroidery are beautiful!
I did six women Henry:
with minor changes :)
Nice weekend:-))
I decided the Turtle Trot and the WIPocalypse were too similar to do both!

You did choose some really big projects though. I have more smalls in my list. Henry VIII is looking good though.
Brigitte said…
Progress is progress. And you were doing fine. These projects are all really big and it's impossible to stitch a big amount on them each time. Great designs, particularly the Tudor ones.
I really don't know how you guys are working on ten at a time. It would drive me to distraction! I applaud you :D

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