This is a joint blog post from Kaye - from Kitten Stitching and Kim - from Wisdom with needle and thread .

Yep – we’re waving at you!!

(Photo courtesy of the Graphics Fairy)

Hello lovely blogging friends,
The two of us have enjoyed an online stitching friendship for quite a while now.  We have been involved in a number of swaps  and giveaways (“Kim is an awesome Swap Mamasays Kaye).  We love having a chat via email and Facebook. Isn’t social media a wonderful thing when it is used for good and allows you to make friends from all around the world?

A while ago, we mistakenly thought that we had the same Blogaversary, unfortunately we didn’t due to a Blogger error. However, in our initial excitement over this we conceived a plan to do a combined Swapaway. We have decided to go ahead and do this anyway, despite the Blogger mistake.

Now, what is a Swapaway, you ask?

Well, using that old chestnut, the ACROSTIC, we are going to create or source wonderful gifts for each other using the word FRIENDS.  We will send each other a gift for each letter.  This is the Swap part.

But, we are not stopping there. One lucky bloggy, stitchy friend (chosen at random) will receive a gift for each letter of the word FRIENDS, from EACH OF US.  So, they will receive FOURTEEN gifts altogether.

As Kim and I are committing to making or sourcing a lot of gifts for each other and our lucky recipient, this will be a long term swap and we are looking at exchanging the gifts around Valentine’s Day next year (it seemed appropriate to us).

So here are the guidelines for YOU - our Stitching Sisters – and how you could be the recipient of the Swapaway:

-       You must be a follower of BOTH our blogs (we will check ;))
-       Place a comment on the SWAPAWAY POST of BOTH BLOGS if you wish to enter the draw
-       We have to be able to reach you, so you need to have a valid email address.
-       You don’t need to have a blog to enter.

You have until October 1st to enter (but remember you must comment on the Swapaway post on both of our blogs).

Here is the link to Kim's Swapaway blog post for you.

So, please join in the fun,


P.S. Now, don't forget to check out my Travelling Pattern post if you are interested in being the next person to stitch Bent Creek's Land of Liberty, it closes next Sunday, 21st September.


Anonymous said…
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Lisa V said…
Sounds like fun ladies. I would love to enter my name down please.
Kathy H said…
Congratulations to you both on your almost the same blogaversary . You both have a very generous and fun sounding giveaway. I follow through google friends.
Anonymous said…
what an awesome comp,please put my name down please and i have my fingers crossed.xx
Pam in IL said…
Such a clever idea and how fun to include one of your readers. I am a follower of both blogs and would love to be included.
Frances N said…
This is an awesome idea! You've really come up with a fun event! Please count me in! I'd love to enter!
Congrats on the blogaversary!!
linny said…
This sounds like a wonderful idea. Very generous of you both. I follow both blogs.
Christine M said…
What a different way to celebrate yours and Kim's blogaversary, Kaye. Congratulations to you both. I'd love to be counted in the draw. I follow both of your blogs.
What a great generous giveaway!Of course I want to be a part of it! When I saw exactly the same photo on both blogs(I follow both of you) I thought that blogger had made a mistake and sent me the same blog twice to read.LOL! You can find me at ariadnesky(at)hotmail(dot)com and I have left exactly the same comment to Kim's blog too!AriadnefromGreece
butterfly said…
Please count me in, and congrats on your friendship and what fun you will both have , have fun.
cucki said…
Oooo nice..please count me in dear xx
Mii Stitch said…
Sounds like fun, count me in please!
KimM said…
Kaye - WOO-HOO!! This is so much fun!!! Looking forward to stitching for you and one other lucky lady.
Vickie said…
Look at you two clever ones! And you are obviously having fun with it too. I am a follower of you both. And have left you both a comment. Please include me Kaye. Thank you!
Carol said…
This is such a cute idea and how nice that you and Kim have formed a special friendship even though you're thousands of miles apart!! I'd love to join in on the fun, Kaye--thanks so much :)
What a clever idea for a giveaway and celebration! Luckily I follow you both already but I have a personal rule about now following blogs just to enter giveaways!

The exchanges sounds like a fun idea using the Friends letters too. I am looking forward to seeing what you each choose to make.
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. I would love to be entered in you and Kim's giveaway. Thank you.

Marsha said…
Hey, Kaye. I'll take that chance! Thanks!
lanybleu said…
What a lovely idea, please include me.
Carm said…
You are two kind and generous ladies!Have fun with this!
Mouse said…
now this is a wonderful swapaway bloggaversary and quite by accident too .... good luck to one and all :) love mouse xxxxx
and just love the photo you have used ... which one is which hehehehe
Stamatia said…
This is a wonderful swapaway. Please count me in!!! Stamatia from Greece
This is so much fun! Great idea. I'd love to be entered, please :D I'm a huge fan of both your blogs, and I've already commented on Kim's!
Stitching Noni said…
Great idea! Would love to join in and be countered!
Hugs xx
Cheryll said…
I think this is a marvellous idea... from the two of YOU. You have a blogoversary and we get
Please add my name to the list too.
I guess you'll both be off to the ballet now??? lol :)
Sheryl S. said…
Lovely idea, although a lot of stitching to do. Please add me to this swapaway. I follow by bloglovin
Thoeria said…
Almost forgot about this! Please count me in!! :)
Jacquie Morris said…
Goodness!! I saw this on Kim's blog and thought WOW!! I think its the most brilliant idea I have seen yet!
I think it awesome all the amazing friendships within this community :)
Oooh yes Happy Happy double blogaversary!
I would love to be included in this special event if that is ok :)
Smiles :)
Justine said…
Hope I'm not too late! I'm a follower of both your blogs. What a generous giveaway.

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