Look what arrived in the mail.....

.... a Travelling Pattern from Penny of Larkspur Lane, which originated with Sarah from Sarah in Stitches.  I will now stitch it and then who knows where it will go next?  Maybe to you?

The TP is Land of Liberty by Bent Creek and as well as the pattern, I was sent gifts which spelt out FLAG.

So, I received:

F = Fabbie         
L = Linen          
A = Accessoriex
G = Glass Ornie

So, I have spent three nights stitching on it so far, here are my progress pics:

It is coming up really well, I think. Thank you so much Penny (and Sarah), I am thrilled to be stitching this and Penny, I love all of my gifts.

So, if you think you might like to be the next lucky stitcher, to stitch this - keep an eye out, as soon as I am finished I will post about it and you will have a chance to enter.

Have a good day, everyone,



KimM said…
Wow Kaye - what an incredible pattern! It looks so pretty - and what sweet gifts.
Lisa V said…
I like the FLAG idea with the pattern, makes it a little more interesting.
Barb said…
A very pretty WIP!
Linda said…
Looks super Kaye. Great gifts.

Christine M said…
You're really moving with your travelling pattern, Kaye. You'll be finished it in no time. Lovely goodies too.
Margaret said…
It's lovely so far! Love your goodies too!
Great start already. Love all of your goodies.
cucki said…
It's so sweet *•*
Thoeria said…
A great little package Kaye!
Lovely gifts! Love your progress on this sweet design Kaye.
love Annette
stitchersanon said…
Very nice indeed xx
It's so good to see this TP traveling the world! It's looking beautiful, Kaye :D
Vickie said…
A very fun idea! Neat gifts. :)
Bea said…
Lovely TP. And what special goodies that came with it. It's stitching up very quickly - looking great!
Frances N said…
Precious chart and lovely gifts! What a fun package!

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