Tutti Frutti Swap

The wonderful and lovely Ingrid from Mii Stitch has organised a Tutti Frutti exchange.

I received these wonderful goodies from June:

... and I sent these gifts to Lynda Ruth:

(Not my handsome model, Furio, though!)

It was a really fun swap to do, thanks again Ingrid for organising it.



Carol said…
Looks like a perfect exchange on both ends, Kaye! I especially love those little strawberries that you made :)
Christine M said…
What a fun swap, Kaye. All the gifts both sent and received are lovely.
Jacquie Morris said…
Simply wonderful!
I have see a few posts now of this delightful swap organised by Mii... just love all the things everyone sent to each other :)
Smiles :)
Margaret said…
Both given and received look wonderful! Wow!
Linda said…
Beautiful exchange gifts Kaye. Love your helper.

Bea said…
Love items both sent and received. You're really involved in some lovely exchanges/swaps. Enjoy your goodies.
KimM said…
Oh my gosh - love strawberries, too??? Are you sure we aren't sisters separated at birth??
Love the exchange gifts - all are so pretty and well done - given and received.
P.J. said…
Such sweet stitches!
Lisa V said…
Lovely exchanges both sent and received.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye ,wow what wonderful gifts sent and received,.such a beautiful swap.xx
Frances N said…
Looks like you both got lovely things! What a fun and happy exchange. And I love that strawberry, too!!! Your kitty does model very well!
Justine said…
Beautiful gifts both sent and received. You must be so pleased! This was a really fun exchange. I've really enjoyed seeing how inventive stitchers have been with this theme!
Melody said…
Lovely goodies both sent and received
butterfly said…
Lovely post , I love what you sent to Lynda, love the stitched piece and the little strawberry so sweet.

I enjoyed stitching your's and shopping around for all the extra's hugs.
cucki said…
Lovy goodies :)
Mii Stitch said…
Fabulous berry-licious goodies :)
I noticed that little strawberry shape bag was in a few swaps!! :D
Glad you had fun xx
Great exchange! I love the pieces you sent :D
All gifts are nice:-)
Pussy is a good model:-)
What a lovely fruity exchange, some great gifts sent and received.

It's a nice theme for an exchange too, something a little different.
thanks Kaye for your lovely gifts, I don't think pussy would have made the trip. he is a good model. I do lovely everything you made and sent me thank you again. hugs Lynda Ruth it was a grand swap. thanks Ingrid
Brigitte said…
I've seen so many pictures of the Tutti Frutti swap on various blogs and all the stitched pieces and goodies were looking wonderful. And your exchnage isn't an exception. Such lovely stitching and gifts.

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