Avast, me hearties....

Apparently, my Pirate name is:

Suzy "Scurvy Sailor" Gummo"The Madness of Zombie Retreat!"This pirate be madder than a sailor on sea water!

If you want to find out your Pirate name, you can go to this link here.

Thanks to Kim, for the link.

... and if you want to know some more about lady pirates, follow this link here.
... and I wonder how this demure 16th century lady became the pirate scourge of Cornwall!

Lady Killigrew by Van Dyck.


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gracie said…
Please keep your name Kaye.....Suzy!
Jacquie Morris said…
Ahoy there me pirate mate... love your pirate name...Suzy "Scurvy Sailor" Gummo, its brilliant!
The lady pirate link is awesome!
Yo Ho Ho me hearties!
Off to sail the seas...
Smiles :)
Emma/Itzy said…

My pirate name is:
Eva "Handsome Sailor" Parched
"The Grief of Crescent Bay!"
This pirate be striking grief into the hearts of landlubbers wherever they go!

I say... :O
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,that is so funny.xx
rosey175 said…
Apparently my pirate name is Lil "The Blue Fox" Pepper - "The Cutlass of Crossbones Sound!"
This pirate be sharp of wit and sharper with sword!

I like this very much and will be changing my name posthaste!
Frances N said…
HAHA! My Pirate name is
Mary "Dubloon Devil" Murphy
"The Poison Claw of Dolphin Creek"
These are all so funny!
Christine said…
I'm Lisa "Gull Basher" Greep apparently! The lady pirate article was really interesting. We were at Pendennis Castle a few weeks ago shooting a wedding, its an amazing place
Vickie said…
I read the very interesting history on your link. =)
Rachaeldaisy said…
Ohh What a fun Pirate name!!! I checked to see that I've followed you properly and I have. I'm sure you'll get more followers to take the number up and over 400.
Shebafudge said…
Interesting thought! I wonder how many blogs I follow on bloglovin' who haven't a clue I am there? I tend to just add new blogs to the list. Thank you for the reminder!

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