Postal goodies, a winner, FNSI and IHSW?

Look what the postie brought me last night!

Elizabeth Lamb plus all the gorgeous NPI silks.  This is going to be stitched in honour of our dear SoCal Debbie who passed away suddenly recently.  It will be one of my 59 starts with Linda for the Debbie's Super Duper Ultimate Crazy January/February 2015 challenge - Linda, how do I let you talk me into these things?  59 starts?

The postie also brought Something wicked mystery sampler - with fabbie and threads.  Now, I just have to remember to order Parts 2 and 3. This may be added to the challenge as, obviously, I cannot get it finished by this Halloween.

Now, for some fun, the winner of my My Favourite Film Giveaway is


Jo,  I will search out a selection of patterns for you to choose one  from over the weekend and email you.

Congratulations, my dear.

Now, tonight is Friday Night Sew In (FNSI), you can join in the fun here.

And, according to my calculations, it is also International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW), normally you can sign up at Joysze's blog but the sign up doesn't seem to be up yet.  I do know that her Dad has been ill, so she has most likely been very busy looking after her dear Dad.

Anyway, we can all still stitch like mad over the weekend.  

So, what are you going to be doing?

Me, I have lots of plans - I just hope that I am not too tired when I get home from work tonight.


P.S. Still no sign of my "stolen" stitchery from last post.


KimM said…
Wow - you are gonna be one busy girl!!
Love it all -
Jacquie Morris said…
Happy stitching :)

well done Jo :)

smiles :)
Barb said…
Elizabeth Lamb is so pretty! Have a great stitching week-end!
marly said…
Fifty-nine? How many stitches count as a start? LOL!
Linda said…
Love your new stash Kaye. Keep some room in those 59 starts for the ones that we are going to start together.

Anonymous said…
Wow nice one Kaye,enjoy your lovely new project my friend.xx
Frances N said…
59 starts!!! If you get them all finished, look how much wonderful stuff you will have!!!
I love the Elizabeth sampler and silks--so very pretty!
Congrats to Jo!
Christine said…
That is a lovely sampler!
Congratulations to Jo
butterfly said…
Looks like you are going to be one busy lady Kaye,
Love your new buys hugs.
cucki said…
Wow super sweet stash my dear xx
Thoeria said…
I keep thinking 59....did I see right!! I get a mini panic attack just thinking about that many starts!! LOVE the Samsarah piece!!! I've ben thinking about getting it as a gift from me to me ......but with our postal strike going on at the moment it's keeping my need to spend in check! :D
Mii Stitch said…
Great new stash ;)
Yay, it's me! With my Top One Hundred Films LOL.

That Linda is such a bad influence on us all!! I have signed up for the 31 pieces (not all new starts though).

Love the colours in the Sam Sarah design too.
Ooohhh, beautiful stash! Love the new samplers. 59 starts?! You are a couple of crazy ladies! :D
Pam in IL said…
Love your new stash! You'll be busy for a long time!

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