Small SAL update_October + Winner of the Travelling Pattern: Life's a Stitch

Each month I participate in the Smalls SAL run by Stitching Lotus.  On the last Wednesday of each month we post about the Small/s we have stitched for that month.  (A Small being whatever you like but just not a big project).

So, what Smalls did I stitch this month?

I have been busy with Christmas ornies:

It is called "Home for Christmas" by Gentle Pursuit Designs and is on p. 22 of the mag.
I used 28 ct "Flax" Linen and mixed the threads up a little lot as I didn't have most of the suggested threads. 

Then, just the other night I finished this little beauty. This is "Three Crowns" again from JCS Christmas Ornament Magazine 2014.

"Three Crowns" by Cherished Stitches (p. 86 of mag)
Stitched on 28 ct Flax Linen
Using mainly substituted threads (as I didn't have the ones called for) .

Then there is the missing one (see this post here) which has still not turned up and it was nearly finished.  It was the Pickle Barrel Designs Ornie from p. 21 of the mag if anyone wants to see a pic of it.

One more Christmas ornie, this one is "Quaker Birds" by LHN, stitched on 28 ct overdyed cocoa linen - I love it.

Then, of course, I finished the TP: "Life's a Stitch" by Lizzie Kate.
I stitched this on 28 ct Flax Linen using threads from my thread collection. Again, I am very pleased with how this has turned out.

Now, that reminds me, I need to announce who this wonderful TP is going to next:
It is 

jhm from Indiana, 

jhm, could you please email me at your snail mail details and "Life's a Stitch" will be on its way.

Just wanted to finish with another pic of more gorgeous roses from my garden.  I took this photo at night and I think that it looks a bit like a still life.

Well, that is all for this post, off to write a Halloween Blog Hop post next and then it is off to work (thank goodness I like to get up early - sometimes keeping up an active blog is like having a second job - lol!)

Have a great day, everyone, 



Melody said…
Gorgeous stitching as always
I love all your ornaments! The birds on cocoa linen really is gorgeous!
Congrats to the winner! love Annette
Christine M said…
Lovely projects Kaye. Hopefully one day you'll find your missing stitching.
Barb said…
So many wonderful ornaments!! The roses are lovely. Nice to know they are still blooming somewhere!
Margaret said…
Love all the finishes! So beautiful!
Preeti said…
Lovely finishes :) your roses are gorgeous. They do look like still life .
I agree with writing blog posts, it's another job but that keeps us active in crafting and in this journey we learn more when others share .
Thoeria said…
Great ornies Kaye!! And LOVE the TP!
Mii Stitch said…
Great stitching!!
Really wonder where the missing one has gone? This is spooky :D
Vickie said…
You have accomplished much! I love the cocoa linen one. Such a mystery on the missing ornie.
Your roses do look like a still life painting. Lovely.
Frances N said…
What lovely ornaments! You've done a great job on all of them--I especially like Three Crowns--probably because of the cute red birds!
I can't imagine where your missing one could have gone!! If your precious kitties did something, they certainly did it well!!! One day, when you find it, you will get a big laugh, I'm sure!
Linda said…
Congrats on all the adorable finishes Kaye. Looks like the JCS issue has a lot of cute ornaments this year.

Beautiful stitching, Kaye! Congrats on the finishes :D
Great stitching smalls this month. The missing one is a great mystery though. I do hope it turns up soon.

I know what you mean about the blog, I was asked to go into work an hour earlier today so I had to make sure I would have time to make the Blog Hop post before I went in! "Sorry boss, can't start at 9, have other commitments" LOL
Annie said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

What a lovely set of ornaments! Your stitching is so nice and even.

I envy you going into warm weather right now! I just had my winter coat cleaned!
Maggee said…
I like your choice of ornaments to stitch! Nicely done! I think they would be on MY list too! I need to do that pattern you are using for the TP... have had it a while! Hugs!
Anne said…
Beautiful stitching Kaye! I want to stitch the Three Crowns from the JCS. It's such a lovely design. Beautiful Quaker birds too. your needles have been on fire! Hugs!
Shebafudge said…
Lots of lovely stitching! They all look wonderful. xx

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