A bit of a FNSI failure......

... that's me!

I had great plans to stitch two more of my Bah Humbug designs but.....

I ended up getting home late from work as I was asked to go to a book launch for these two novels:

The husband of one of my friend's at work is the author of "Endsinger" and his novel was being launched at Dymock's in the city last evening.

It was lots of fun however I was late getting home so I only had time to stitch a little more on Santa's Hat from Bah Humbug.

Not sure how much stitching I am going to get done this weekend either as today is busy with spending some time with my Dad and then my daughter-in-law-to-be and I have an appointment with the florist for the wedding, then we need to see the wedding cake people.  And tomorrow, my daughter and I are on the hunt for a dress for me for the wedding.

Oh dear, only 7 weeks to the wedding!  Aaagghhh!  Will I make it?

Anyway, how did you all go last night?

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.



Barb said…
You will make it just be sure to enjoy the journey!
Bea said…
You'll do fine. Just remember to breathe and find relaxation times. The humbugs are so cute.
Christine M said…
Of course you'll make it, Kaye!
Anonymous said…
hi Kye everything stars getting very busy now for everyone and i am sure you will get it finished.xx
Thoeria said…
You're such a busy bee Kaye! Sounds like you're having a "good" busy weekend :) just remember to breathe!
Vickie said…
Oh you will surely make it!
Sounds like a very productive weekend here. Enjoy time with your Dad.
You'll definitely make it! Seven weeks is plenty of time. :D Beautiful stitching progress!
Linda said…
Nice progress Kaye. Hang in there - you'll make it.

Andrea said…
Kaye ... EMAIL ME! I have tried twice to email you and left a comment once on another post. PLEASE!
You are one of the recipients of my Christmas RAK. I can't send it to you without your postal address.

andrea (dot) heath @ btinternet (dot) com

thecraftroom . blogspot . com

Shirlee said…
You are making lots of nice wedding memories my friend! As someone else said, enjoy the journey!
Maggee said…
Yes, you WILL make it! Definitely try to enjoy each step, as they are fleeting! Hugs!
It's a glamorous life in publishing!

At least you get a few stitches into the Humbug design.

Getting excited about the wedding now!
KimM said…
Boy, you are one busy lady! Take a deep breath - and enjoy the wedding process.

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