RIP Phil Hughes

Australia is reeling at the untimely death of elite Cricketer, Phil Hughes, killed in a freakish accident when batting in a Sheffield Shield match.

You can read about it here.

So sad, my condolences to his family, friends and his team mates.  My heart goes out to the poor bowler as well.

hugs, Kaye


Thoeria said…
So very sad Kaye. We were shocked out here too when we heard the new. So very young. And that poor poor bowler,,,,how terrible for him. Such a terrible accident...a pure fluke accident - like the one that ended the career of Mark Boucher too. My thoughts and prayers to his family and to the young Abbot - 22 years old .....such a tragedy for both families
Ariadne said…
I am so sorry to hear this! We don't follow cricket here but I know what an impact such a tragedy can have to a country!AriadnefromGreece!
butterfly said…
This is so sad , he was so young.
My British husband follows cricket and I know he was quite upset about this young man's death as well. When he mentioned the story to my (American) brothers-in-law who wouldn't know a wicked googly from Google, they'd both heard about it. I think the story is fully internationalized because of the magnitude of the tragedy. So very sad.
Margaret said…
I happened across the news story and then saw some tweets about Phil Hughes. And I went to read about his tragic death in more depth. I'm very saddened about it. It's something that touches us all, I think.
I saw it on the news of the world.
I'm sorry, I wish you sincere condolences!
Barb said…
Such very sad news about a young person.

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