Cats on a hot tiled roof.... .... and my TUSAL report ...

... this morning I went out the front to get the newspapers and when I turned around I saw the cats on a hot tiled roof - Furio and Milo!

Who me? On the roof?

Who or what is Furio stalking?

Milo, of course!

Aha! Cornered him!

Nope, just tricking you. Not interested at all!

... dear, sweet Nobu left for sunnier climes up north, to be rejoined with his true owners, the newlyweds.

Here is a pic of him with Furio, they have both taken over my stitching chair and Nobu has even taken up the craft! lol!

Now, I must show you the delicious lunch I had when I was out with my daughter - it is fried cauliflower with dips, a poached egg and some yummy flatbread.  Yum! Yum!

 ... and lastly, here is my TUSAL report, this is actually two months' worth as I forgot to take out January's Orts before I put them all together. Silly me!

The pile on the left is train/plane stitching whilst the one on the right is home stitching. 

Anyway, my stitching calls me, see you all again,



Thoeria said…
Lol Kaye....I love your kitties.....they remind me of my three....Buttons is often stalking her brother, Boo and Scruffy can normally be found sleeping on the roof in the summer sun :) Cats are just amazing, aren't they ?!
Kaisievic said…
Thank you and yes, they certainly are! Gotta love them!
Bette said…
Love your kitties! My Squeaker would be the one lounging in the sun.
Margaret said…
Cute kitties! Wow, they go all over don't they?
Carol said…
Such a cute post, Kaye--your kitties are adorable :) The lunch looks great, too--I have never heard of fried cauliflower, but with the dips, I might actually eat it :)
Silly kitties! :D They're so cute. That lunch looks seriously yummy! :D
Vickie said…
Quite adventurous aren't they?!
I like your photo-story!! Your kittens are very sweet :)
Frances N said…
Cute title of the post!!! Those kitties are so funny! I LOVE the photo with the kitty and the cross stitch....such a talented cat!!!
That food makes me hungry! YUM!
butterfly said…
Cats are so funny , lovely photos .
Linda said…
Love the pics of the cats Kaye. Mine don't go out but I'm sure they'd be on the roof. Nice pile of orts.

When are you going to show us all your new starts?

Dear Kaye, here is the cat says roof bunny:-)

I also fried cauliflower, potatoes and supplement the vegetable salad, yummy:-)
Bea said…
Love the cat pictures - they are so entertaining.

Yummy looking lunch. Never heard of fried cauliflower, but it's certainly something I would try.

Great ORT collection. I actually remembered to do my post today as well.
rosey175 said…
Mmm fried cauliflower~ Of course, you could probably fry anything and I would eat it... with mustard, even. /weird :D

Nobu is an aspiring fiber artiste, how fabulous is that ahaha.
Nurdan Kanber said…
Dear Kaye,

I'd like to thank you for your decision about being a reader of my humble blog as well as sweet comment you left!

I should mention that, I've become one of your followers back in last year and since ever, I am reading your posts regularly! But until today, I haven't attempted leaving any comment over here!

I am a cat person like you too ♥ Your cats are adorable ♥♥♥


KimM said…
Kaye - your cats are so FUNNY! I'm impressed you managed to get photos of this adventure. Love it.
Stitching Noni said…
Oh, aren't they just so delightful! Gorgeous kitties :o)
Hugs xx

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