Santa SAL

Hi everyone,

I have finally got back to my Prairie Schooler Santa's Twelve Days of Christmas SAL which I do every Sunday with my dear, dear friend Linda.  Now, for me this SAL started in January, 2012 - so it would be nice to finish the 12th day this year.

Well, I may actually be on track for that because I can now present to you......


Now, you may remember that I told you all a couple of blog posts ago, that finally my baking/cooking mojo seems to have come back.  Well, I am enjoying my cooking again.  Here we have a yummy Beef Stroganoff and a light and fluffy crab omelette I made for a couple of meals.

This next pic is not my cooking but last night TraderVic and I went out with some close friends to an old Wesleyan meeting house which has been converted into a sort of pub/bar/restaurant called the Wesley Anne (clever play on words, hey?)

Monday night is two for one night, so my delicious dinner of Chicken and Cheddar Pie with garlic mash and mushy peas was only $11.50! Quite a bargain!

Lastly, I leave you with two beautiful roses from my garden.  They looks so pretty with my mother's china and the sweet stitching dear Kim made for me.

That is all, off to work shortly.



those meals look so good. Love the Santa as well.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Congrats on finishing off another Santa!
EvalinaMaria said…
Well done, another Santa behind the belt!
Linda said…
Congrats on the cute finish Kaye. You have finally caught me. Guess I better start stitching on them again. All the meals looks yummy.

Frances N said…
All of that wonderful food is making me hungry!!!
I do love your Prairie Schooler Santa! I have the chart, and should get it out myself! It sounds like you're right on schedule to finish them up this year! Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!! I will cheer for you!
butterfly said…
Congats with your Santa .
Food looks yummy.
And the rose and the dresser and KIm's stitching looks wonderful.
Justine said…
Love your Santa! That sweet stitch from Kim is so pretty.
Stitching Noni said…
Well done on another lovely finish!
I think you are definitely on track to finish all 12 by the end of 2015!
I shouldn't be visiting your blog now when I'm starting to feel peckish... too much yummy looking food!
Hugs xx
Congrats on your wonderful Santa! Those meals have made me hungry! Oh they looks so good! love Annette
Your Santa is adorable and your food looks DELICIOUS!!
Margaret said…
Love your Santa! You are quite the cook! Do you give lessons? I'm not good in the kitchen. :(
Vickie said…
Oh so yummy!
Those roses! Lovely!
Lumiruusu said…
How cute is your farming santa-Your cooking looks great !

Brigitte said…
Great, this Santa. Your SAL is coming along so nicely. And after looking at all these food pictures I'm hungry. Fortunately it will soon be dinner time, lol.
Barb said…
A fun post. I think I would go to that restaurant every night! The rose does look so pretty with your Mom's china.
8 Santa is great!
Your meals act on my taste buds, I have taste:-)))
That's a very manly maid for the eighth day! Looks good though.
Faith... said…
Day Eight looks great - congrats on your finish!

Your cooking looks yummy.
Beautiful stitching progress! And your food pics just made me seriously hungry... :D
Bea said…
Goodness, not sure how I missed this post. Loving your Santa - terrific finish. And those meals look SO good. Beautiful roses.

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