A lovely break...

... oh, isn't it lovely to have four days off work?  Absolutely, I say.

The long weekend's joys started early for us with DS2 flying down from Sydney on Wednesday night for the Easter break - oh bliss!  My baby was home with us for five whole days.  We spent lots of time catching up and he spent lots of time watching footy with TraderVic as he does not have Foxtel in his Sydney flat and NSW is not really an AFL state like Victoria is (DS1 is finding the same thing in Queensland).

So, Easter was filled with catching up with family and friends, lots of long walks, reading, blogging and lots of stitching.  Although, on the last I was a little hampered as DS2 slept in my sewing room which made it hard to get in there to find things.

We had our family Easter get together early (as it was the only time we could all get together) - so on Good Friday we had a meatless feast!

My sister and I did all the cooking and the young ones did all the eating!  My dear Dad was in good form after his eye treatment a week or so back, so we had a lovely time!

Anyway, the train to work beckons.

I hope that your Easter was filled with joy, too.


Update:  A few people have asked for recipes.  I cannot give all of them as my sister did some of the cooking, too. But here we go:

I made the salmon patties - which is just a basic recipe:

the layered garden salad:

 and the apple and raspberry crumble (I modified this recipe):

My sister made the rest.  I know that this is the recipe for the potato latkes:

but I am not sure about the spanikopita or the prawn dumplings.

cheers, Kaye


Heather said…
I'm glad to hear everything went smoothly with your dad. The food looks delicious!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the perfect break Kaye xx
gracie said…
Sounds like a wonderful holiday for you
Barb said…
It sounds like you had a wonderful week-end! Just the best way to celebrate Easter!!
Frances N said…
Lovely food! Sounds like everyone had a good time!!!
rosey175 said…
Here it is bedtime for me and I am looking at a smorgasbord of delicious food. Why do you do this to me!! :D Is that a Santa butter knife I spy in the 4th picture?

It sounds like a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad to hear your dad's treatment went well.
Linda said…
So happy your family was together. All that food sure looks yummy.

What a beautiful spread of food! Glad you were able to be with your family. Love Annette
butterfly said…
So happy you had a great time with your family , food looks yummy.
sharine said…
Everything looks beautiful:)
Margaret said…
Sounds like a lovely Easter! Your feast looks so delicious! I had to laugh when you said DS2 was sleeping in your sewing room. That's what happens to me whenever DD comes home. My sewing room used to be her bedroom so she sleeps there when she comes home and I have the same problem! lol! Glad you got your DS home with you for 5 days. Those are precious times, aren't they?
Carol said…
Glad to hear you had your family together for Easter, Kaye--and how wonderful that your dad is doing well... Your meal looks delicious!
Vickie said…
Oh Kaye! I prayed for your Dad. I am so glad he is doing well!
Looks delicious!
Thoeria said…
Sounds exactly how a wonderful long weekend should be spent, Kaye :)
Your food looks amazing....what is everything? And are there recipes? I enjoy vegetarian meals immensely
Bea said…
What a scrumptious looking spread! Delighted to hear your son was able to make it home for Easter - sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.
Beautiful festive days you had - with the family!
And you also eat a lot:-))))
All holidays are about food, it's not good.
Sounds like a great weekend. I'm so pleased that your Dad was well enough to enjoy it too.
Maggee said…
I was just going to scroll down thru the comments to ask what each dish was, but you amended it to share recipes. Very thoughtful! Glad you had a great time with family!
Brigitte said…
Sounds like a wonderful family get-together. With some wonderful food, too. Thanks for the recipes, I'm always on the look out for meatless food as my DDIL is vegetarian and when they visit I always cook some meatless dishes.

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