FNSI_ April update

Last night was FNSI - an evening where many stitchers  from all around the globe set aside some time for a virtual SAL of whatever project they are working on.

It is hosted by the lovely Wendy of Sugarlane Quilts.

So, last night I worked on my fourth attempt at a design for those darned round boxes - you know the ones - so far I have tried a butterfly, an amorphous pink bloom and a some redwork but nothing was working for me.  So, after lots of frogging, I have finally found the right design (Oh, I certainly hope so - this is starting to do my head in!).

I managed to get all of this done in one evening - still a little bit to go yet but I have IHSW this weekend to inspire me to finish it quickly.

This is part of Tall Sheep
Shepherd's Bush Designs
Stitched on 28 Ct Country French Linen - Spring Meadow

Last evening, I also did the Finishing for another of my Swapaway pieces - Life's a Stitch.  I turned added it to a sweet green and white check drawstring bag I had.  I think it will be perfect for keeping little stitchy knick knacks.  What do you think?

Can you see how tricky and quirky I have been with the buttons?  Do you like it?

Anyway, don't forget to check out Wendy's blog to see what everyone else got up to last night.  That is what I am going to do right now!



Linda said…
I love the bag Kaye. It turned out great. And, green is my favorite color.

Blu said…
What a cute bag!
I always love seeing what you are stitching Kaye...so lovely x
Great bag! Love your finishing. Can't wait to see what you do with that sheep! :D
Karen's Korner said…
I just love bags and yours is so cute.
Cath said…
I love the sheep and am dying to see what you do with it. Can't believe you stitched something that was not all together worthy! Cute bag!
Cute sheep. I like your little bag, great idea for this piece and lovely mismatched buttons too.
Anthea said…
Cute sheep Kaye, after all your frustrations!
Vickie said…
Yes, I think the bag turned out great. :)
Justine said…
Your bag is so cute! The green checks look great and I love the buttons too.
Efforts have nice bag. Good idea with buttons!
Bea said…
I really hope Tall Sheep is THE design! Love your bag as well.
Margaret said…
I love Tall Sheep. It should look great in the box! Love the bag too -- so cute!
rosey175 said…
Great bag! I love the colors and plaids are the best ever. :D

I think your sheep is the right choice. I hope. Good luck haha! :D
Brigitte said…
This stitched piece is looking so good on the drawstring bag. And these cute little buttons, beautiful.
Mii Stitch said…
Little sheep is so cute and your finished bag is lovely! Love the little buttons and it will be perfect for little wips :)
Allie said…
Oh those sheep are just TOO darling - and I love your bag! Yes, I see what you did there with those buttons....*G* Sweet!!

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