FNwF _ a bust!

.... well, I worked hard on this little piece on Friday for FNWF, which is hosted by the wonderful Cheryll on the first Friday of each month.

....however it just did not turn out how I expected - it does not look like a bloom but more like an amorphous cell (just like the ones I have been working on for my latest Biology publication at work! lol!)

So, today I will be frogging the entire thing! Now, this is the second time I have frogged something I stitched on this piece of linen - I didn't like the butterfly I stitched the first time, either.  However, I think that I have found the right design this time! I have a second piece of linen the same size, which I have half stitched a squirrel on it.  Both pieces are gifts for my swapaway and are meant to go in the lid of a round box.

So, today the plan is frogging and then re-stitching a new design for the third time!  Wish me luck!

Don't forget to check out whether everyone else who signed up for FNWF was more successful than me!


Update: 6pm: It took me most of the day but it is all frogged now - so onto Attempt #3 tomorrow!


Justine said…
I think it's pretty! I'm not a biologist though so maybe I don't see the connection.
Brigitte said…
An amorphous cell? Really? Lol. But I think it looks like a flower with nice colours. But like Justine I'm not a biologist, so ....
Bev C said…
Hello Kaye,

Good luck with the unpicking. Have a Happy Easter.

Thoeria said…
Lol Kaye.....you're your own worst critic :) It's not quite as amorphous as you think :D
Good luck with the frogging!
Vickie said…
I actually like it Kaye. But YOU need to like it. ;)
A Blessed Easter to you!
Margaret said…
Awww, I think it's pretty! Vickie's right though -- you have to be happy with it.
Linda said…
Sorry you had to frog it Kaye. I thought it was pretty.

Bea said…
Bummer! And linen is such a pain to frog. Third time has got to be the charm. The colours are pretty though - too bad it doesn't look very blossomy!
What a shame you were disappointed but you have to be pleased with it xx
You could have added longer petals round the edge... Or joined the SAL Mr X Stitch is currently featuring.
LOL... An amorphous cell! That's so funny. I don't think it looks bad at all. Hope you're happier with the third attempt! :D

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