I blame it on Margaret...

... for me taking up knitting again.

Now, in my teens and over my twenties, I was an avid knitter.  I used to knit so much of an evening that when I went to bed my fingers would ache!  So much so, that TraderVic was very worried that I would get arthritis in them when I was old (so far so good). So, in the end, as life got busier with the children and work and as patchwork and quilting and cross stitch was kinder on the fingers, knitting somehow got left behind.

I used to knit quite intricate garments such as this christening gown (with matching bootees and cap) which all of my children wore to their christenings.  It was knitted in very fine 2ply and a row was hundreds of stitches (it was knitted in the round).

Anyway, my dear friend, Margaret from Days of a Sampler Lover, has been knitting like crazy the last several months.  Her great progress pics have been whetting my appetite.

I especially love this scarf, called the Walking Tour scarf, which she knitted. I adore Fair Isle knitting.

Isn't it gorgeous?  You can buy the pattern from The Feral Knitter via  Ravelry.

So, while I haven't quite committed to starting this as a project yet (it requires 36 colours!), I did visit Morris and Sons  and bought some gorgeous wool to knit an ombre cowl scarf.

I am about halfway through and I only started last Monday evening.  I am really enjoying knitting again. It is a bit like riding a bike - it has all come back to me.

Anyway, enjoy your Sunday everyone.  It is a wet, miserable morning so far here in Eaglemont so a good day to stay in and stitch and knit away!

love from me to all of you,


P.S. Margaret, I don't really blame you - I am actually very thankful for you giving me back my knitting mojo!  Love to you xoxoxo


Bea said…
Love, love the colours in your scarf. Knitting was the first craft I learned - my mom taught me when I was about 6.
Margaret said…
Oh how exciting! I'm happy to have inspired you to pick up knitting again. I love seeing the Christening outfit you knitted -- wow! So beautiful and fine! I have decided I'm not good at lace knitting anymore. lol! No patience! I love your ombre knit so far -- beautiful colors! I hope you get a chance to knit the scarf sometime -- it's so much fun to knit! Hooray for knitting! Stitching is always there waiting for us too!
Frances N said…
The christening gown is beautiful! What a lovely heirloom! I also like the colors of your scarf--so pretty!
Katherine said…
Beautiful knitting! Glad that you are doing it again and I have found that different brands of good needles to help prevent issues as well as making it easier too. I love Addi lace turbo with interchangeable cables as they just take the ache out of my shoulder and elbow when knitting. Many different brands out there too as Mum prefers knit pro symphony's timber ones.
Linda said…
That gown is gorgeous Kaye as is the scarf.

Ariadne said…
I used to knit a lot when I was a student at University. Unlike you I think I have forgotten the most that I knew. Still I have made a couple of easy scarves the last couple of years!AriadnefromGreece!
Vickie said…
How very talented you are! Lovely. :)
Oh my goodness, that christening gown is gorgeous! You're so talented. I only learned how to knit a couple of years ago, so I'm still sticking to easy stitches and projects. Can't wait to see how that scarf turns out! :D
rosey175 said…
How lovely! That scarf is truly great though I don't think I could handle 36 colors. Though in shades of blue.... Hooray for getting back into an old crafty love. :D I hope to learn knitting some time in the future, maybe when I feel I'm at "acceptable" levels of crocheting, hah.
KimM said…
You're a knitter, too? Yes, we are truly SSF. I love the scarf and the colors, Kaye. Well done!!!
In the past I also knit more, less cross stitch:-)
Today only cross stitch, to my eyes they serve:-)
When the eyes are spoiled, begin again knit :-))
Barb said…
I can understand , there are so many beautiful knit things!
Brigitte said…
Like you I used to knit a lot for me and my kids when they were still little. There was a knitting boom back then but after a while it faded and I didn't have the time to knit any longer when I went back to working full time. When browsing through all the blogs that I read I often feel a kind of inspiration to knit and crochet again. I feel completely attracted by all the granny square blankets and shawls. Like the one you are knitting. It's looking gorgeous.

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