Lest we forget.......

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia. It is the day when we honour our soldiers for their sacrifice and commitment to our wonderful nation.

This year is especially important as it is the 100th Anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli in Turkey in 1915 during WWI.

You can read more about ANZAC day at these posts in previous years, here and here.

My photo above is from last night's AFL game, as it was ANZAC eve, there were a number of ceremonies before the game.  Traditionally, at the start of every game, the official cheer squad for each team make a large banner for the players to run through. They are a massive undertaking and usually have some pithy saying on them.  Last night, there was only one banner, uniting both teams under the words "Lest we forget" - it looked amazing!

Also amazing, were the crocheted red poppies at Federation Square in the city.

On the way to the MCG we saw the Eternal Flame from the Shrine of Remembrance being escorted to the ground by a troop of Lighthorse. It was a wonderful sight.

 Then, at the ground, the Flame was ridden around the ground before lighting a large bowl, which flamed throughout the entire game.

It was quite moving, especially when the Last Post was played.

Our footy team is the Richmond Tigers, can you see all of the clever light play on the side of the stands?

 The Tiger prowling around was particularly cool.

I hope that you enjoyed this year's ANZAC pics,

Thanks for stopping by everyone,



Anonymous said…
Lest we forget x
Ariadne said…
What a great blogpost!No one should ever forget any victim of war ever! The crocheted poppies are wonderful!AriadnefromGreece!
That's awesome! Great photos and thanks for sharing the background too.
KimM said…
Wonderful post - lest we forget.
Margaret said…
Lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the celebrations. Lest we forget.
Vickie said…
Good for you! Good for us all! Those poppies amaze me. I keep going back to admire all the crochet!!
Carol said…
What a sight those crocheted poppies are, Kaye! I enjoyed reading about your ANZAC day activities :)
Beautiful! Even after 100 years Nezabudneme !!!
Poppies love:-)
Huge stadium, so I have not seen yet:-)))
Anzac Day was mentioned here on the news in Canada. Love the poppies. What are they doing with them afterwards?
Anzac Day was mentioned here on the news in Canada. Love the poppies. What are they doing with them afterwards?
Bea said…
Lest we forget indeed! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Is there a specific reason for the date of Anzac Day? Our Remembrance Day is the official end of WW1.
Barb said…
What a very special day. It reminds me of our Memorial Day. It will be here soon at the end of May .
Wonderful remembrance of the brave men and women who serve to defend all of our countries. Lovely post Kaye, thank you.
Thoeria said…
Lovely post Kaye x
Maggee said…
That is a wonderful remembrance observation. I can't say I have ever seen such a wonderful outpouring in this country. Sigh...The poppies are magnificent! Thanks for sharing.

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