Weekend roundup....

Well, the weekend started poorly, with my back playing up.  I had some compression in my lower back which was affecting the sciatic nerve on my left hand side - so I was experiencing strange pains down my left leg - no fun at all!

However, a trip to my Osteopath and an order to rest my back - no big walks - left me with no choice but to stitch on Saturday afternoon!  What a hardship - lol!

So, I worked on a few projects but those progress pics will be next time. I want to tell you about the social aspect of my weekend.

Firstly, on Saturday night, we went out to dinner with our dearest friends, Kim and Gino.  Now, Kim had suggested a pizza restaurant, Mulatta, in Chapel St, Windsor. But when we arrived it had closed down.

Now, this left us with where to go for dinner?  Now, Chapel St, Windsor/Prahran is one of the premier shopping and restaurant precincts in Melbourne - so eateries abounded.  However, it is also one of the busiest on a Saturday night for the Twentysomething crowd.

So, we wandered up and down, all the really fancy looking places were full to the brim and then we discovered a quirky bar up some stairs, the Hoo Haa bar.  I  kid you not, we were the oldest people there by 30 years!

The menu was an interesting mix of Americana and Asian.  So we supped on such delights as Cheeseburger dumplings - what the ????  As I said, interesting!

After dinner, we went for a wander down Chapel Street, observing the wildlife (the twentysomethings) and then found Chocolateria San Churro to finish off the evening with some yummy churros and hot chocolate.  In all, it was a fun night because it was all so unexpected in the end.

On Sunday, I stitched some more (still resting my back), on my Santa SAL (which I reported on last post) and then my girlfriend, Heather and I took my other girlfriend, Franca, out to see a show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and then out to dinner.

We had the best time.  We saw funny lady, Denise Scott's new show "Mother Bare".

This is the description:

From giving birth to empty nester, Scotty is ready to lay it all bare. 
Having just won the prestigious Barry award at the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Mother Bare is a hilarious, intimate and rivetingly honest show about motherhood, told by one of Australia’s favourite comedians, Denise Scott. 

This was just spot on for me, as TraderVic are newly emptynesters and I must admit are struggling a little bit with the suddenness of it all!

We laughed and laughed all of the way through - it was just hilarious!

We saw the afternoon show so then we went for an early dinner at The European.  As it was Franca's birthday we had a slap up dinner.

Beautiful trout and stuffed calmari:

We had the sommelier choose us a delicious French wine to complement the dish.

Then we went all out and ordered three different desserts to share: a gingerbread souffle, a bombe alaska and a Mont blanc.

We had such a good time and I was still home by 9pm to spend some time with TraderVic before getting ready for work the next day.  I can tell you, I slept like a log!

So, in all, a great weekend, despite the lack of long walks (which I love to do). How was your weekend?



Linda said…
Looks like you had a yummy weekend Kaye.

Barb said…
What a nice week-end with so much good food. The empty nest does take some time to get used to. After the first adjustment period, we have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Margaret said…
Your weekend sounds wonderful! All except the back problems --ouch! But resting up is always good. Do take care -- hope you are feeling better.
Angela P said…
It looks delicious! Hope your back feels better soon.
butterfly said…
Sorry to hear about your back , I know how painful it is my DH had it years ago.
What wonderful food all looks so yummy.
Ariadne said…
It was Easter weekend here so there was church going, lots of food and it was fun because of the excellent weather!If my hubby didn't have that stone passing it would have been perfect!There have been times that I have wondered why all restaurants and bars are for young people only. The ones that are for people our age are much more expensive and posh!So where does one go?AriadnefromGreece!
A great weekend by the sounds of things except for your poor back. Hope it's better soon x
Vickie said…
Oh Kaye, I know just the pain you speak of. No fun at all. How is it now?
Bea said…
What scrumptious looking food! Really sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Hope your pain is easing and you're much more comfortable now. Take care of you.
What a great fun weekend albeit rather different to the long walks you had planned!

Delicious food photos as always.
Pain in the lower back know. Even my cares: - (((
The food looks great!
Sounds like an awesome weekend! Those cheeseburger dumplings sound intriguing... Hope your back is feeling better! :D
Faith... said…
Sorry to hear about your back but at least you got in some undisturbed stitching time. Sounds like a great weekend too!
Brigitte said…
Spending the weekend with friends watching a show and going out for dinner sounds perfect to me. The opposite - staying alone with lots of time for reading, stitching and walking in nature - sounds just as perfect to me. I love both ends :))

I hope your back has become better.

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