FNwF June update ...

.... how did you all go last night if you took part in FNwF?

I am very pleased with myself - I was most productive!

First of all I experimented with a new-to-me finishing style, on three sweet little Christmas stitcheries which I posted about here. I made them into little cylinder ornaments.  I am extremely pleased with how they have turned out.

After I finished these, I managed to find some time to knit some more on the scarf I am making for my dear friend and colleague, Shirley.

I am about two-thirds of the way through it, so it should be finished soon.

During the week, it was DD's birthday so TraderVic and I took her to see The Lion King - oh it was fabulous, such a spectacle!  Well worth seeing.

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take photos during the show, so I can only show you the curtain.  But the costumes, the puppetry and the scenery were just amazing!

... and just to finish off, today I had lunch with my dear friend, Lisa at this cute cafe, just perfect with an open fire.

Lisa had these corn fritters.

Whilst I had roti with pumpkin, falafel and spinach.

Anyway, time to stitch and do some more blog reading....

If you want to see what everyone else did for FNwF, click on this link here.

Happy stitching, everyone, 


P.S. Just a reminder to comment on this post, if you would like to enter the draw for the Travelling Pattern:


Nurdan Kanber said…
Congrats on such great finishes Kaye! Beautiful Christmas stitchery! Lovely scarf also like its colors!

Happy Birthday to you DD too!

Hugs from far ♥

Margaret said…
Love how you finished those ornaments. So cute! Lovely scarf progress too! Your friend is going to love it! We have yet to see the Lion King -- have to do that someday. Happy belated birthday to your DD!
Kaisievic said…
Thank you, Nurdan, I am pretty chuffed with how they turned out.
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Margaret, I hope that she likes it when it is done!
Vickie said…
What a different way to finish off the ornaments! Very cool.
Awesome progress on that scarf Kaye.
rosey175 said…
Beautiful scarf and lovely way to finish the ornaments! Although if I were to do something like that, the husband would find great amusement pretending they were lightsabers or other things and bopping me, cats, whatever with them ahaha. :D

Lion King broadway is such a treat, isn't it? I loved how the wildebeest stampede was portrayed!
Beautiful cross stitch finishing! I've never seen that before, but it looks awesome. I've seen Lion King on Broadway in NYC, and it was the best part of my trip. I'd definitely see it again! :D
KimM said…
Kaye - the cylinder finishes are exquisite! I've never done anything like that before - glad you all enjoyed the Lion King -
Lumiruusu said…
Hello Kaye! The cylinder finishing looks awesome I have never seen before that kind of finishing ...Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. The scarf looks pretty too !
Blu said…
The finishes look adorable! I've never seen that kind before.
That's an interesting finish, I've not seen those before either. You could stitch one design in three parts and display them together.

Glad you enjoyed your evening out.
Barb said…
Your finishes look great. What a nice cozy looking place to have lunch!
kiwikid said…
Your lunch outing looked lovely, nice lunches!! Your stitching and finishing are beautiful.
Great finishes! I've been to the Lion King, it is quite the show. I'm glad you all had a wonderful time.
Bea said…
Lovely and unique ornament finishes. Love, LOVE the colours in that scarf - it's really coming along. I've heard only good things about Lion King - I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Those ornaments are darling, I really like the cylinder shapes! Well done. The scarf is so pretty too! Happy Birthday to your DD, what a treat to see the Lion King, I've never been but I'm sure it was spectacular - I've seen clips from the theatre and it looks quite a spectacle!
Linda said…
Congrats on the awesome finishes Kaye.

butterfly said…
Great new finish Kaye love the scarf, lovely warm colours.
I must say the food over there looks so yummy. Hugs.
Lovely finishes Kaye. I love the beautiful scarf you are making for your friend. Happy birthday to your DD..nothing nicer than a live show x
cucki said…
Well done on great finishes dear..
Big love and hugs xx
Jacquie Morris said…
Your finishes are very pretty, and unusual too.. I love the way you have arranged them too. Lovely colours on the scarf you are knitting too.
Oooh wow! Great evening out looks like!! Lion King, bet that was amazing... Mmmm lovely food too :)
Smiles :)
Maria said…
What pretty christmas cylinders..Love the scarf you are knitting your friend.
How nice to have a lovely evening out to see the Lion KINg.
Frances N said…
I LOVE those cylinder finishes! I've never seen that before, but it is really clever and different! Great job!
I also love the Lion King! I've seen it on Broadway twice and it is just wonderful! Those costumes are amazing....and of course the music is, too! I wouldn't mind seeing it again! LOL
You always show the best looking food!! ha
Stitching Noni said…
Love your cylinder finishes! What a fantastic idea :o)
How wonderful to see the Lion King - I have heard that it is a great show!
Hugs xx
Theresa said…
Your cylinder stitchery's and scarf are very lovely. Neat way to finish.
Brigitte said…
So great how these ornaments are looking. It's always a lot of fun to try out a different way of finishing, isn't it?

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