Long Weekend Roundup

You have gotta love a long weekend - thanks Queen Liz for having an 89th birthday!  That extra day off just gives you that breathing space to keep up with your chores, catch up with family and friends and do lots of what you love to do.  Just lovely!

So, I will start with my latest Happy Dance - Day 10 of my PS Santa's 12 Days of Santa SAL, which I am doing with my dear friend, Linda.  So, a few days late for my original goal of May 30 but done, nonetheless; onto Day 11 next Sunday.

I am very pleased with my Leaping Lord!

I also had time to catch up with friends and family.  DS2 was down from Sydney and we went to see my dear Dad.  After that, I spent Sunday afternoon baking and cooking and generally being a Masterchef!

The gorgeous mother of my dear friend, Linda, is visiting from Hawaii, so I made her a special afternoon tea: scones with jam and cream and teacake.  We used my new teapot and cups which TraderVic gave me for our anniversary.

 I was given these lovely tulips by Linda and her Mum, Dee. Beautiful, aren't they?  Thank you, Linda and Dee.

While all of the baking was going on, I was also cooking this delicious Lamb Tagine in my Tagine for dinner for TraderVic and myself - I slow cooked it, so the lamb was delicious.

Last night, I was putting the rubbish bin out for collection and I saw a bright light behind a neighbour's house (sorry, the pic is very grainy).

Can you guess what it is?  Silly me, my first thought was "Have they opened a major sporting ground in that direction?", then my second was "Aliens!" but, of course, it was the full moon! lol!

Well, time to sign off as I have blogs and books to read and more stitching to do - natch!

But, I will leave you with pics of two of my favourite things - Furio and flowers from my garden (violets and hellebore).

... and one last reminder - time has nearly run out to be in the draw for the Travelling Pattern: if you are interested please comment on this post, I will be drawing the winner first thing tomorrow morning EST.

Happy stitching, everyone, and thanks for visiting.



cucki said…
Happy post my dear ..
Beautiful stitching xxx
Beautiful finish. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Lots of awesome baking/cooking.
Hmmm, Australians get a day off for the Queen's official birthday but we don't? I protest!
Great stitching on the 12 Days though.
KimM said…
Lovely stitching progress - and the "CYB" finish is so perfect! Ummmm - may I come for tea??? Or maybe you could come cook for me, Masterchef Kaye ;0)
Nice stitching. Lovely pot and cups!
Nice stitching. Lovely pot and cups!
Vickie said…
Lovely! Good for you with the long weekend!
Gorgeous finish and what a lovely weekend that sounds.
Linda said…
Congrats on finishing day 10 Kaye. I would have had mine done, but I am trying to crochet 2 baby blankets by Wednesday. Dinner looks yummy.

Bea said…
#10 looks terrific - looking forward to seeing 11 and 12.

Your tea looks lovely - and yummy. Lucky guests.
Beautiful stitching! I love your food pictures. The tea pot and cups are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you had a good weekend :D
Kaye, you're an active woman!
For one day off you can sew, cook, bake ......
You have beautiful flowers!
Tea from the new tea sets definitely tasted !!!
Barb said…
Sounds like you had a great time with friends and family!! I love the PS Santa. He makes a dashing leaping lord.
Deb said…
Great update!
Congrats on your finish!
Beautiful stitching on your leaping Santa. Sounds like you had a nice time visiting. Such pretty flowers from your garden!
Kate said…
Congrats on the beautiful finish! Yay! Only 2 more to go! Sounds like everyone had a nice visit :-)
Anthea said…
Kaye, I do love the Teapot & cups in your pics - just stunning!
Maggee said…
Congrats on finish #10--you are going to be very happy at Christmas time! Your foods look delicious! Desserts extraordinaire. And Tagine cooking--have never heard of that, so went and looked it up--pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing!
rosey175 said…
Hooray for your new finish~ I too had to look up the tagine thing, nice to have something that keeps all the moisture in place. You've made some lovely food again! :D
Brigitte said…
Great for you to have finished another day of the 12 Days. And so great what you preapred for the afternoon tea for your friend asnd her mother. it is looking so very inviting and delicious.
Tagine cooking seems to be a great thing. I once saw a program on TV about this sort of cooking but have never tried it myself.
Love your leaping lord and what a delicious looking tea and tagine! Your hellebores and violets are so pretty and lovely pictures of Furio :O) Glad it wasn't aliens visiting your neighbours!!

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