Small SALs June Update...

...  Hallowe'en Ornie SAL June update and Weekend Round Up.

So, first up, here is Haunted Love by T.A. Smith (Free design on Pumpkin Seed Stitchers Facebook group).  This fits into both the Smalls SAL and the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL (this month was a free choice).

Stitched on 28ct Almond linen using 310, WDW Fiesta (for the pumpkin - my go-to thread for pumpkins and moons in Halloween stitching) and GAST Oatmeal (for the ghosts).

I also had a Happy Dance for my third ombre cowl scarf - this one is for my friend, Shirley (who is a work colleague - she chose the colourway)

On Saturday night I made this "Almost Shepherdless Pie" from Rachel Khoo's Kitchen notebook - it was absolutely delicious!

Lastly, DS2 was down from Sydney for the weekend again (he lucked on a cheap airline ticket), so on Sunday afternoon we all went for a late lunch at Crabapple Kitchen in Hawthorn.  TraderVic and I both had the oh so delicious buttermilk pancakes with ricotta, maple syrup and bacon. (Sorry, no photo this time).

So, back to some stitching for me and to watch a bit of The Voice.

Love to you all and hugs, 

P.S. Visit these links if you want to visit the Smalls SAL or the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL.


KimM said…
Kaye - what lovely stitching - I love the scarf - colors are so pretty. Looks like DS2 and you had a good time - isn't it great seeing our children?
Nurdan Kanber said…
Hallowe'en Ornie SAL June update looks great as well as your brand -new scarf! Perfect colours!

Pie looks really yummy! Your DS2 is a very handsome young man, wearing a lovely smile :) You look like each other very much ♥

Have a wonderful new week!

Dani - tkdchick said…
Congratulations on your lovely smalls finish
Kate said…
Beautiful finish, Kaye! I love the colors in the pumpkin; I haven't tried variegated thread before. The cowl is beautiful! Such a nice picture of you and your son :-) Take care.
Congrats on another great scarf finish and on your cute ornament! I really like the colours you chose.
Bea said…
Lovely colours in your ornament and the fabric. Love that scarf - your friend looks very pleased with it. That's a great picture of you and your son.
Linda said…
Congrats on the lovely finishes Kaye. Great pic of you and your son.

What makes it "almost Shepherdless"? Looks yummy!! Your son is very handsome!! Love your finish too!
Dear Kaye, you'll be ready for Halloween!
Shirley has a beautiful scarf!
On Saturday you had yummy :-)))
The best was the visit - congratulations!
Beautiful stitching, and I love that cowl scarf! Great colors. Hope you had a great time with your son! :D
Margaret said…
What a handsome son you have! I see the resemblance right away! Love your stitching, and love the scarf you made for your friend too. Glad you got some time with DS!
Frances N said…
Lovely finishes! The scarf is beautiful and I do love your fabric choice for your Halloween stitching! So glad you got to visit with your son!!
Cute little Halloween stitching and lovely scarf - but spending time with your son is the best!!! What a handsome guy.
Vickie said…
So glad you got to see your son again. yay!
rosey175 said…
The little mousey love is just so cute on that Halloweeny piece. Great work on your scarf too, ombre just seems to be everywhere. But I'm sure seeing your son again was the best! :D
Barb said…
How nice that you got to see your handsome son! I do love the Halloween design.
Carol said…
A visit from a faraway son is always a good day, Kaye--so happy that he got to visit for a bit :) Love the Halloween piece and your friend obviously loves her scarf--beautiful work you've done!
Brigitte said…
This little small is perfect with its Halloween-ish colours. And the scraf is looking great on your friend.
Isn't it great when they come back home for a weekend or a couple of days? I also love that. A lot!

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