Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner....

.... I am happy to announce the winner of the Travelling Pattern, "Count your Blessings" by Shakespeare's Peddler.

Drumroll please....

The winner is 


Clare, I have sent you an email, so please send me your snail mail details as soon as you can and it will be winging its way to you.

... and here is a sneak peek of some secret stitching I am doing for a swap....

Well, time for work, have a great day everyone, 



Nurdan Kanber said…
Congratulations both to the winner and you Kaye.:)

Your new embroidery looks so lovely as it is!

Barb said…
Can't wait to see more of your new project! Congrats to the winner!
Bea said…
Congratulations Clare!
butterfly said…
Congrats to Clare, Beautiful new start.
Justine said…
Congratulations Clare! Lovely design. I'm intrigued by your secret stitching Kaye!
KimM said…
Congrats to Clare. I, too, can hardly wait to see what your secret stitching project is!
Congrats to the winner and nice start!
Congratulations to Clare! Looking forward to seeing her version of this well travelled design.
Heather said…
Congrats Clare :)
Yay Clare! I'm excited to see your secret stitching - looks fun
Yay Clare! I'm excited to see your secret stitching - looks fun
Your secret stitching looks lovely!
Congrats to Clare! I laughed when I saw your secret stitching - thought it looked familiar and by golly it was!

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