Ooops! Nearly forgot....

My Christmas in July swap!

I was so busy cooking and baking up a storm that I only just remembered to check it all out late last night! lol!

I am off to see my Dad later this morning (Sunday), so yesterday I decided to make some delicious food for him to brighten up his Meals on Wheels usual diet.  It took a lot of the day but was worth it. I find that cooking and baking meals for loved ones, soothes my soul - do other people feel like that, too?

This is what I made:
Apple and rhubarb compote (I have this for breakfast with some yoghurt and a sprinkling of muesli - delicious!)

Apple-raspberry crumble muffins - my Dad loves something sweet with a cup of tea.

Pumpkin soup - the batch I made last Sunday disappeared within 24 hours and I like to freeze soup in portions to take for work lunches, hence the need to make some more.

Lastly, sausage rolls (I always add some zucchini and carrot to the meat mixture)

Now, loads of all this was made yesterday and I was the only one home for dinner! lol!  However, TraderVic came home early evening from the footy - cold and dejected as his beloved Tigers had lost but I soon warmed and cheered him up by fussing over him and heating up soup and sausage rolls for him for a late dinner.  He loved the muffins, too.

There were some other things I was busy with, too. Firstly, having a real life phone chat with one of my partners in crime, Linda from Stitching with my Furbabies.  Not as long a chat, as I would have liked as it is expensive ringing from Australia to the U.S, if you chat too long! lol!

Lovely talking to you, Linda, my dear - lots of love from me to you!

But I was also busy with some Finishing - when I was ferreting around in my fabric stash cupboard, I found this stitched piece: January Cat, which is a freebie from Cyber  I cannot find when I did the actual stitching (not a post could I find anywhere), so I am counting yesterday's Finishing into an ornament as a Happy Dance.

I finished it as a sweet little heart ornament, with a sweet reproduction fabric as the backing.


I then hung it on my ornament tree - now, I do not think I have shown you my gorgeous ornament tree, which my dear friend, Lisa, gave me as an early birthday present - it is just perfect for hanging my ornaments on!

Okay, next post will be showing off all of my Christmas in July goodies, which are all gorgeous!



marly said…
I love that tree. Your kitty heart is adorable and nicely finished. Yes I enjoy cooking for others that truly appreciate and enjoy their meals. Pumpkin soup will be my Google search tonight! Everything looks so good. Hello to your dad!
Barb said…
Your dad will love all that wonderful food! The tree looks great. I like it because you can easily see the ornaments!
gracie said…
Delicious looking food and lovely stitching....
Dani - tkdchick said…
What a sweet little heart and yes your tree is lovely! Not Christmasy at all so you can use it year round!
Frances N said…
Your little heart looks great! Love it! I also like your tree! You know I love trees!! LOL! You will enjoy using it all year!
Your food looks so good--I'm sure your father will enjoy his treats!
Kate said…
Yum, yum, lots of good food cooked with love :-) Congrats on the beautiful finish, and thanks for the link! I love your ornament tree; I have a similar one but smaller.
Thoeria said…
Grout cooking and baking looks yummy, Kaye! Those muffins look especially scrumptious.....and I do love soup!
I can't honestly say that I've ever tried rhubarb! It's not something my mum ever cooked haven't used it myself! Wouldn't know where to start.
Hope you had a lovely time with your dad :)
And love the finish and your tree!
Jo said…
Lots of lovely cooking. Yummy..
I'll be watching for your next post with your gifts
Vickie said…
I am hoping your father is enjoying some of your good cooking right now. :)
rosey175 said…
Such delicious foods! I love to cook for people as well -- but I haaaate having people in the kitchen while I cook! Also, I made the brookies, HUGE success, thank you so much. :D

That little cat ornament is so perfect!
Catherine said…
Sweet swap and yummy looking goodies!!!
Kaye, your cooking looks very tasty! Your father will suit all tastes!
Linda said…
Hi Kaye. I really enjoyed talking to you also. Congrats on the cute finish. All that food sure does look yummy.

Love the ornie tree, I want one! You can decorate it to match each season and have a permanent display.
Yummy cooking and great ornament!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye yes I am always baking for loved ones too,you made lots of lovely things there and your heart looks gorgeous xx
Astrids dragon said…
Do you share your recipes? All my favourites, they all look so good!

Your ornament is precious and looks perfect on the tree.
Bea said…
Your cooking/baking looks yummy. I think if I lived close enough I would rudely invite myself over for tea! LOL

Love your ornament tree - what a great idea!
YUM! All that food looks delicious. Love your finishing, and that ornament tree! :D
Maggee said…
All of your food looks yummmmy! I am sure your Dad will appreciate it a lot! Look forward to seeing the Ornament Tree get filled with beautiful stitches! Hugs!

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