Sensational Sydney.... Part One

.... TraderVic and I had a wonderful time on our Sydney trip to visit DS2 and check out his new flat in Newtown, Sydney.  But first we each had to work in Sydney on the Friday before catching up with him that evening.

I can tell you, it was hard work for me but someone has to do it!

Firstly, I caught up with one of my History authors for morning tea at Pablo and Rusty's (check out their website it is pretty sophisticated) where we shared a Hazelnut Cruffin (a cross between a croissant and a muffin) and a Salty Caramel Chocolate Cookie, both of which were delicious!

We had a grand old chat about all things History over coffee and green tea.  

Then it was back to the Sydney office for a short while before I had to head off to a lunch meeting with one of my Economics authors at the Brew Cafe in The Rocks area.  Where this time we talked all things senior Economics study and I had a delicious prawn linguine.

I told you it was a hard job but someone has to do it!  No, but seriously, these were actually pretty key meetings and I also did spend quite a bit of time in the actual office doing some other work, too.

These are some of the sights I saw on the way to The Rocks.  (If you look carefully, you can see the Harbour Bridge peeking out around corners).

Cute shaggy dog cakes!

That evening, TraderVic, DS2 and I went to the sensational Cafe Sydney at the Old Customs House on Circular Quay where we dined on Sydney Rock Oysters and succulent lamb shoulder.
When you walk in the building under the glass floor is a 3D model of Sydney - cool!

Here are two of my favourite Sydney views - the Harbour Bridge and DS2!

Well, this post has got long enough - I will fill you in more on my Sydney trip on another post (the next one will be Christmas in July swap, I think).



Looks like great fun. How many good looking boys do you have?
Linda said…
Looks like you had a great time Kaye.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,Thankyou for sharing your great pics of a lovely day,I love the rocks xx
Susan said…
Always fun to have a few days in Sydney. Cafe Sydney is our favourite for a special dinner. Glad it wasn't all work for you!
Kate said…
Great pics, Kaye :-) Looks like a wonderful trip.
You certainly seem to have had fun, despite all the hard work! But I'm sorry, a cruffin is just plain wrong!
Jo said…
Hi Kaye... Just wondering where you bought your thimbles from.... I'm having trouble finding them
Vickie said…
How wonderful to combine work and get a visit in with your son. :)
Brigitte said…
Yes, you are right - someone has to do the hard work :) So good that all the hardness was sweetened by some good food and wonderful company, lol.
Nice photos, a cruffin eh? Never heard of it but sounds like it could be amazing.
Bea said…
Looks like a wonderful start to your time in Sydney, in spite of all the hard work! Never heard of/seen a cruffin before, but it looks yummy.
For a sweet reward hard work! As it should be :-)))
Barb said…
What a terrific start to your week-end! Thanks for sharing all the views of Sydney. One great thing about blogging is you get to visit so many wonderful places!!
KimM said…
What a great post! I love, LOVE the Shabby Dog cakes!
KimM said…
What great fun - love the Shaggy Dog cakes!
Thoeria said…
Oh my goodness Kaye! Sounds like hard work......but oh so yummy work!
Margaret said…
Looks like you had a good work time and a good time with DS too!
Maggee said…
Like you said, someone has to do that 'hard work' ! Fun times for sure!

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