Weekend Roundup (or an early FNSI and IHSW post)...

.... okay, as usual I am going to stretch a long bow and my weekend roundup will cover next week's FNSI and IHSW.

How so, I hear you ask?  Well, next weekend, TraderVic and I are heading north to Sin City (Sydney) to visit DS2, we are planning to take him out to a fancy restaurant, catch up with some family friends, do some sightseeing with him and check out his new flat.  So, I am thinking in the midst of all that there will not be much stitching happening.

Luckily for me, this weekend just past was a quiet one for us, so lots of crafty, bakey things were done by me, so I have just moved FNSI and IHSW forward a week for me this month.  Clever, hey?

 Now, for those of you who don't know what I am talking about.

FNSI stands for Friday Night Sew In, it is a virtual stitch-a-long evening on the third Friday of every month when stitchers from all around the world sign up to stitch on their own projects "together".  It is hosted by the lovely Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts, so check out her blog for the sign up post which should be posted sometime this week.

IHSW stands for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, it, too, is a virtual stitch-a-long but this one is all weekend long - from Friday night to Sunday night.  It is always the third weekend of the month, too, so FNSI and IHSW always coincide - most happily.  It is hosted by the gorgeous Joysze of Random Ramblings, so check out her blog for the sign up post, too.

You can see the badges for each of these SALs on my sidebar.

So, enough chat, what did I get up to on my weekend?  Well, lots of fun stuff!

For FNSI, I finished knitting my Tri-cowl scarf - here is a pic of me modelling it for you all.  It is lovely and warm and just right for this Antarctic Vortex the south east of Australia is experiencing at the moment. I have obviously picked the right year to have taken up knitting again - lol!

I also found some time to start my Haunted House for this month's theme for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL.  

Side panel from "Halloween Days Sewing Basket"
JCS Halloween Ornie Mag, 2015
p. 89
Stitched on overdyed lilac 28 ct evenweave
My own choice of DMC and speciality threads

Then on Saturday, I followed one of my other passions - cooking.  I made Steak and mushroom pie (pastry and all) and Brookies (Brownies/Cookies).

Yummo! (If I say so myself)

Over Saturday and Sunday, I worked some more on American Baby and Day 11 of Santa's 12 Days of Christmas:

Across the weekend, I also spent quite a bit of time setting up my new blog:

I would love it if you went and checked it out and even more if you would like to join - the details are all on the blog.

So, in all a most productive weekend except I developed a terrible toothache in one of my premolars - so it was off to the dentist for me yesterday who suspects it is a sinus infection in my tooth!  So, more antibiotics for me (my third lot in as many months) and very strong painkillers until the antibiotics work their magic - I can tell you that tooth hurts so much if I even think about touching it!  No fun at all!

I hope that all is well with you and yours,



Christine M said…
You've been keeping yourself busy, Kaye. The cowl looks great. I hope your tooth feels better soon. xx
Heather said…
Eww bad luck with the tooth! I've had teeth problems for several years so I feel your pain (literally)! I hope it gets better soon. In the meantime your stitching and knitting are lovely. The cowl looks so warm!
Delphyne said…
Great scarf! Ooh, I can't wait to see more of your haunted house. Tooth pain is the worst. :( I hope it is starting to feel better!
Margaret said…
I hope your tooth feels better by now -- what a pain, literally! Hope you have fun in Sydney. Love your cowl -- so cool! Lovely stitching too, and the food -- OMG! You are quite the cook! I'd love to make savory pies.
Anonymous said…
Hi KAye love your new scarf and your pie looks so yummy,hope you have a lovely time in Sydney xx
Well good idea to move things ahead, that's good planning, lol - I hope you have a lovely time in Sydney, and that your tooth doesn't bother you, OUCH!!! That cowl is just gorgeous, and you wear it well! Your stitching looks wonderful as well!
Oh I hate tooth issues! Who is American Baby by? Really cute!
Linda said…
Lovely stitching Kaye. I love Santa's blue pants.

Frances N said…
I love your scarf--you look cute in it!!!
Yummy food--wish I could stop by and have some! ha
I love the colors on the Prairie Schooler!!
Hope your tooth gets better soon!
Justine said…
What a busy weekend Kaye! That pie looks delicious.
Hope your tooth pain is better soon and doesn't spoil your trip to Sydney.
Mii Stitch said…
Great stitching & yummy cooking!!
Have a lovely trip :)
Vickie said…
What a cool cowl! Great job Kaye.
Have a fabulous time in Sydney. Hope all your dental woes are long gone by then.
KimM said…
Love the cowl!! (The model wears it well ;0)) Popping over to join the Christmas Ornie SAL
Dani - tkdchick said…
Your cowl is just lovely! Lots of great stitching going on! Have fun on your trip!
Bea said…
Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly so the pain leaves really soon.
The scarf is gorgeous - LOVE the buttons.
Great stitching projects - they're all looking wonderful.
Have a wonderful time with your son!
The food looks so delicious! Would love to drop in for tea and cookies.
Great finish on the scarf and progress on your other projects. Yummy baking too! I hope your tooth feels better soon.
Joysze said…
Food looks yummy, Kaye!! Have a wonderful weekend with DS2. Hope the tooth is all better by then! Hugs!!!
Dear Kaye, you're very active woman!
You have a highly skilled you cook and bake!
Toothache is terrible: - (((((
I wish you the pain stopped!
rosey175 said…
Brookies! What have you introduced into my life! Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share for us non-initiated!? :D

Lovely scarf! It's so odd to think of cold when we're melting here. Those big buttons are great.
Melody said…
Lovely stitching, have fun in Sydney
Barb said…
Oh I am so sorry to hear about your tooth. I hope it is much better for your wonderful week-end!! You had a very productive week-end. I stitch every evening , I should sign up for the Friday night SAL. You are quite the cook, everything looked delicious!
AnaCristina said…
wow...how many hours have your day?? 36?? LOL
Faith... said…
What a busy and productive weekend you have had! I just love your scarf and what a lovely model. Hope your tooth is better soon; nothing worse than a toothache.
Linda said…
Hello Kaye, warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I hope your tooth improves and that your pain dissolves rapidly. Your scarf is lovely and the food looks delicious! We are very close in age, I am two years older than you. :)
You've got your ornie mag already?! Not fair!

Looks like a nice little design anyway.

I went to the dentist today, no fillings just a scale and polish. You have my sympathy!
Beautiful stitching, and I love that cowl! Hope your tooth feels better! :D
Maggee said…
Have never heard of a sinus infection in a tooth! Hope it is going away, and that your pain subsides! Nicely done with the cowl/knitting... And all the projects you have worked lately--wow! Hope your trip to Sydney is wonderful!
Brigitte said…
Wow, you are right to call that weekend a productive one. So much stitching and wonderful cooking was going on. The only things that was bad was your tooth. I had never heard of a sinus infection in a tooth but I hope those painkillers worked.

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