.... Okay, now you probably know by now that I have become a bit of a Queen of SALs (or at least that is what a few of you lovely bloggers have dubbed me) because over the past month I have started four new SAL blogs:

Well, I have had another idea for a SAL for  just myself, this time  .... "Friday Frolics"

The idea of Friday Frolics, is that on any given Friday, I will try to visit my vast empire of WIPs and choose one that has not had any love or attention for a while and stitch on it that evening.

So, last night was my first FF (see, I have an acronym already - lol!) and I pulled out a Nora Corbett design, "K".

The one and only other time I posted on this was way back in July, 2012!

Also I had yet another new start - this is the letter "K". Sorry the first photo doesn't do justice to the lovely green overdyed fabric I am using.  I am really pleased with my progress on this - this is what I have accomplished in a week and a half!

Hmm!  Pity, I didn't keep up with my burst of energy!  Anyway, "K" got some love and attention last night and I have started on the fairy wings, in the top left corner - not much but at least she got a little loving attention last night.

So, what do you think of my new idea as a SAL for myself? I think it just may work and I can always tie FF in with a few more acronyms like FNSI and FNwF - lol!

Have a great weekend, as usual, I am uber busy with family and friends and lots of fun activities (a Spring Fair literally 50m around the corner,  an Engagement party tonight and taking my Dear Dad out for a second birthday lunch tomorrow).

lots and lots of love, 

P.S. For those of you who have emailed me lately to ask to join one of the four new SALs, I am sorry in the delay in joining you up but I am just inundated with emails at the moment.  I will try to do join you up, ASAP. 


krayolakris said…
You can't have too many projects!
Linda said…
What an awesome idea Kaye. I should join you.

Kaisievic said…
Yes, you should! Maybe there is another SAL blog in it after all?
Barb said…
Your K is lovely! I sounds like another great week-end for you! Enjoy!
Heather said…
Wow so busy! Your crazy life would stress me out lol but it sounds fun!
Frances N said…
You have the best ideas!!!
Brigitte said…
... And another gorgeous idea, Kaye. And let me tell you I'd join you if there were a SAL blog for it. I just love these SAL blogs.

Nice progress on your K piece.
You are just brimming over with good ideas!
K looks great and you are inspiring me to get my J out and give her some attention.
KimM said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
KimM said…
Let me try this again - darned auto spelling correction got me. I'd love to join the FF sAL, Kaye. Great idea!
Vickie said…
Lovely K! Fun idea!
Carm said…
Sounds like a great idea for many of us! I was working on my PS Santa last night. Need to find someone to take pics for me. I haven't had a camera since they quit making film for mine. I need to get with the times, LOL!
sew.darn.quilt said…
Your stitching on K is lovely. The FF idea is a splendid one ")
Josie said…
Frolicing on Fridays sounds like great fun.... especially if it reduces your heap of WIP's before you need to put an aircraft warning light on top! lol. Love your 'K'....xxx
Kaye, you're very active woman! I admire how much catching up to do!
Yet even your job !!!
That's a great idea! Lovely progress :D
CJ said…
I love Friday Frolics. I know I have several that would do nicely in this category. Great progress.

Jennifer M. said…
Love your idea! Whatever keeps you motivated to finish those UFO's and WIP right? :-) Lovely progress on "K". I stitched the "J" for myself a few years back.
Good idea. I finished K in June. It is a pretty quick stitch if you can give it time.
Gillie said…
Oh come on, you know you want to, lol! Let's do it.......!
Justine said…
I love the idea of Friday Frolics! A while back I thought of offering a Finishing Friday SAL to get my finishing pile down but then realised I would actually have to do some finishing! Friday Frolics sounds so much more fun. Go on, you know you want to!
Anthea said…
What a very clever idea Kaye... perhaps you could choose just 3 or 4 projects for a start & stitch on them each friday, then you'd have some great finishes to be proud of!
Stitching Noni said…
What a great idea Kaye! Friday is a great day to do some frolicking!!
Hugs xx

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