Weekend Round Up (belated)...

... oh dear, I have been meaning to post this all week but have only just found the time now and it is Thursday! Friday! Saturday!!!! oh no, Sunday and another weekend is almost over - lol!

I had a bit of an unexpected long weekend last weekend (as I had worked the Saturday before) and boy, was it a beauty (except my back was playing up a bit, which is no fun! But I worked hard to ignore it).

So, Friday.....

Fabric shopping with my dear friend, Anna, at GJ's discount fabric store, which has moved to the next suburb to me, so about five mins away - they have the most wonderful collection of patchwork fabric, just right for finishing off my Smalls.  Then a yummy lunch at Apte and then after I said goodbye to Anna, I went and spoiled myself with a back massage at Endota Spa which is literally about 50 m from my front door- bliss!  Then, that evening it was out to dinner with friends.

Here is what I bought at GJ's, gorgeous Halloween and Christmas fabbies.  But I tell you, there was so much to choose from that it was very hard to stop with just these ones.

On Saturday, it was off to the Fairfield Farmer's Market with my dear friend, Marie, where I bought lots of lovely fresh produce. We then met the husbands for lunch at M'anoushe in Station St.

Marie and I also had time to check out a new patchwork shop in Fairfield called Cutting Cloth.  Oh my goodness, such gorgeous, gorgeous fabric  and quilts on display but I was strong (after all I had spent all of my fabric money the day before at GJ's.)

Also, in my ramblings I walked past these shoes in the window of a shoe shop in Ivanhoe.  Maybe Elton John buys his shoes here? lol!

Saturday night it was out with some other friends for another yummy dinner and then on Sunday, I took my Dad some lovely lunch and spent some time with him.  I was pleased that I took the time to look after him, especially after I saw this video on FB.

Then, after I got home from spending time with my Dad, I was given the gift of some time with DS2 who was down in Victoria for some skiing but came home Sunday arvo to spend time with me and TraderVic. So, I baked up a storm, potato and leek soup, meat pie and cherry, ginger and apricot cake.  Only a pic of the pie, though - DD popped over for dinner, too, but as she doesn't eat meat, she just had the soup and ate all of the pie crust! lol!

So, a wonderful weekend.

I just want to leave you with this hidden passageway in the CBD which I only discovered walking through the city the other day.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

Okay, have to dash, as TraderVic, my sister and I are taking my Dad out to celebrate his 96th birthday!  Woo Hoo!



Heather said…
Looks like you had fun!
Brigitte said…
Oh my, what a gorgeous weekend you had last week. For me one of the best parts would have been not having to cook and having lunch or dinner at a restaurant, lol.
So great, your new fabric stash. And oh, look at the red one with the moose. Fantastic!
jocondine said…
So great places to visit, how I envy you to have such great fabric store near to your home, Lovely purchases. Glad to see you had good time with friends and family. Thanks to send me Furio for a while. Hugs
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye you sure did have an awesome weekend and all that yummy food is making me hungry xx
I'm not surprised you don't have time to blog with everything going on!
Love the new fabric especially the Hallowe'en designs and the red reindeer.
Happy Birthday to Dad. Who sends telegrams on 100th Birthdays? Does the Queen do the colonies too?
Vickie said…
That was an awesome video Kaye. I am so glad you shared it. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad!
Justine said…
What a fun weekend you had! Those fabrics are lovely and I love that pie! Happy birthday to your Dad.
Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!
Linda said…
Sounds like a fun but tiring weekend Kaye. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Bea said…
Wow, what a weekend you had - family, friends, shopping and good food, both at home and out. And then a 96th birthday! Those are rare - hope it was a very special outing. Happy birthday to your dad.
Joan said…
What a great weekend you have had. I would love a back massage right now. I love the shoes although I couldn't walk in them heels. Happy Birthday to your Dad. Joan at www.aviewtothefells.com
Barb said…
A very Happy Birthday to your Dad. It sounds like a busy but FUN week-end! Great fabric choices!
Christine M said…
Lovely fabrics, Kaye. Isn't Kellie's shop just gorgeous! Happy birthday to your Dad.
KimM said…
Wow - you really put some miles on these past few days - what fun!
Hope you had a great birthday celebration with your dad.
Kate said…
Sounds like a wonderfully busy, fun time! You found some lovely fabrics. Oh, my, those shoes are too much! Make my legs hurt just looking at them! Happy, happy birthday to your dad! Wow, 96, that's amazing!
Totally unrelated, but I've managed to lose the link to be a contributor on the PS blog. I can post on the Americana and Christmas Ornie ones, and I'm listed as a contributor on the PS sidebar, but I can't post. Silly me, must have deleted the link. Could you send it again, please? Thanks, Kaye!
Looks like great fun! Those shoes are a hoot!
Maggee said…
Great video that you shared... going to get the link and also share it. I think family is very important, and glad that you could spend time with your Dad and your children all in such a short timespan!! Hugs!
Steph said…
Looks like a beautiful day. Your fabric is gorgeous! I especially like the cats :) That woodland quilt is beautiful. lol! I could never stand up in those shoes.Late birthday wishes from me to your dad XOX
Stitching Noni said…
Oh my - I am exhausted reading your posts..... Happy Birthday (belated) to your DD (96 wow!)
Love your fabrics... you are so lucky to have a new fabby shop so close by... (dangerous to the hip pocket though!!)
Hugs xx

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