Just a little bit bad?


I have a confession to make, yesterday I popped into my LNS, Lazy Daisy, to visit the Wonderful Wendy to organise framing of American Baby.  Of course, I was lucky enough that she had just received a shipment of some new designs, some of which went straight into my shopping basket - lol!

Do you want to see?  (Silly question, I know!)

Two CCN designs:  "Afternoon in Paris" and "Afternoon in London"

A new to me, PS design: "Evergreen" (Just perfect for either the PS SAL blog or maybe the Christmas Ornie SAL blog)

... and two gorgeous Rosewood Manor designs: "Peacocks and Posies" (stitched with WDW Bethlehem - gorgeous) and "Twin Samplers", this last one is absolutely delicious with its pastel shades on Shale linen (I have the linen on order).

Lastly, another of my favourite designers, Blacbird Design's "Midnight Watch" - how could I resist that gorgeous black cat?

So, how bad have I been?  You tell me!

(Hmm!  I won't tell you about the three Jean Farish designs I just downloaded as pdfs or the big order I just put into Down Sunshine Lane - no, I won't! lol!)

Have a great day everyone, 

Fingers crossed that I get to work okay as there is industrial action happening with the trains today and tomorrow but I can hear some going past, so maybe I will be lucky!


P.S. Sorry if I haven't replied to your emails lately but I have been swamped with everyone's comments on the four new SAL blogs which I started last month - thank goodness I have finally had the sense to work out how to turn that function off!

Also, watch this space for a Friday Frolics SAL blog sign up!  


krayolakris said…
Lots of wonderful goodies!
Barb said…
I'd say you added some great designs to your stash!!
rosey175 said…
Lovely new stash enhancements! I'm sure your other patterns were getting lonely so they will be happy to have newbies around. ;)
Linda said…
Love all of your new stash Kaye. Are you trying to catch up with me? lol

Bea said…
Stash cannot equal bad, simply can't happen. Love your choices.
butterfly said…
Wow great new stash , I love a shopping spree .
Margaret said…
Great stash! I'd say you weren't bad at all. Very reasonable!
Ariadne said…
Naughty & Nice! AriadnefromGreece!
Kate said…
You're not bad at all, Kay! I couldn't have resisted those lovelies either. Ooh, those two CCN designs are at the top of my wish list right now. Not sure when I can get to my LNS to get them. And new Jean Farish and goodies from Down Sunshine Lane? Yay!! Have fun with all your new goodies.
Heather said…
Great new stash I love evergreen and twin samplers.
Everything is beautiful! I would not resist :-)))
Ooohhh, so pretty! I love these designers. Great picks! :D
Christine M said…
No, you haven't been bad, Kaye. You are just preparing for when you retire and won't have the money to buy patterns! I'm sure that won't really stop you but you can use it as an excuse. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Christine xx
Christine is right! It's a retirement fund. Especially the PS charts. You do have very good taste in designs too.
Carol said…
Nothing there looks bad--everything looks good!! Enjoy your new goodies, Kaye :)
jhm said…
Remember PS is retiring! Have to get those charts now. I also have midnight watch - but it will not get done before this Halloween.
Enjoy everything!
Gillie said…
A little bit bad......thoroughly wicked, lol! But just think, lots of WiPs for this Friday Frolic SAL that is bubbling away in your crafty mind! Love the London and Paris ones particularly!
Brigitte said…
Oh Kaye, whenever I see other stitchers enhance their stash I feel that wellknown urge to check on my overflowing wish list and do the same. But then I dive into my stah and look around and pull out charts and that keeps the urge at bay, lol.

Your new charts are absolutely wonderful, particularly the Rosewood Manor ones.

Really? You are thinking about a Friday Frolics SAL blog? Yeah!
Justine said…
Love your new stash, naughty lady! I'm a bit late to PS designs, just as they retire. Those CCN designs are so cute. Glad to hear you are opening up Friday Frolics as a SAL, it sounds like fun.

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