Welcome to Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics....

Well, I have been a busy bee and I have started my fifth new SAL blog, oh my goodness, I just have to stop now, I think - lol!

Anyway, without more ado, here is the inaugural post from my new SAL blog.....

Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics.....

Hello Fellow Friday Frolickers,

I hope that you have fun with this new SAL blog.  This is a laid back, easy peasy SAL - basically any Friday you like, you go to your stash and pick out a WIP or UFO at random to stitch on that evening (or over the weekend, if you please) and then post about it whenever you like.  If you are busy one Friday night, no harm, no foul - you just do not need to worry about it - we will always be here on another Friday night for you.

You can pair this up with anything else you are doing, such as  Friday Night Stitch In or Friday Night with Friends, if you like or not at all!  It is up to you!

Please feel free to add our blog badge to your blog, if you wish and please have lots of FUN!

So far, there are seven members (counting yours truly) but we would be very happy if more stitcher (or knitters or crocheters or quilters, you get the idea) would like to play.

Just follow this link here if you want to check out the blog and send me an email with your email address and blog address if you do decide to come frolic with us on a Friday.

hugs,  Kaye


Barb said…
Hi Kaye, I tend to stitch every Fri. (plus almost every other night). Here is the problem, I tend to stitch one design at a time so I rarely have old projects. Maybe I could just post what I am working on . What do you think?
Anthea said…
I'm looking forward to joining your new blog Kaye... it will be a great way to meet more bloggers!
Dear Kaye, I admire you - so much SAL, it could not handle me!
I wish you a lot of manpower and time!
I love this idea and I would love to join in....thank you and see you Friday x
All right. I MUST know what kind of vitamins you take. You seem to have boundless energy and since we're the same age, I need to know your tricks!!! I might have to do this one with you, I have so many projects I never think to work on....I'll let you know!
Carm said…
I worked on my Angel of Grace Friday night. Not as much as I hoped, LOL! I think I'll try and work on my many different types of WIP/UFO's since I do so many different types every Fri. You have so many wonderful ideas Kaye!!
Shelly said…
Hi Kaye. Okay I'm joining, lol! I stitch with FNSI but forget about it a lot so by joining your SAL, I'll remember to do both! Yeah, hosting five SALs, that's a lot. Thanks
Stitching Noni said…
Fantastic idea! I'm in :o)
Can't resist a pink badge.... and what a great way to get me to actually stitch some of those WIPs/UFOs I have hanging around!
Hugs xx
Count me in! Like Barb I'm trying not to switch from project to project too much in order to get some things finished! But there's always a couple of long term WIPS on the go, Elizabeth Shephard for one. So I'm in.
Brigitte said…
I have joined and it's so much fun to pull out something old. Of course, I could do that every day but it's so much more fun to do it on a designated day of the week in the company of other stitchers.

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