April TUSAL and a stitchy update....

So, a slightly late ORT report for April, I am afraid to say... (seems to be the story of my life, I am always apologising for late blog posts - lol!)

Anyway, here it is - travel ORTs on the left and home ORTs on the right.

... and here is the year so far....

If you want to check out everyone else's TUSAL reports for this month, just click on this link here.

Now for some updates on my stitching - this is all SAL blog related.

1. Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics ...

This Friday for my Frolicking, I went to my Girl's Nest and randomly put my hand on this WIP - Just Nan's "Frosty Hopes".

Here is the before pic:

The After FF pic - look Furio has snuck in somehow!

"Frosty Hopes" is a companion piece to "High Hopes", which I stitched in 2004 - oh, my goodness, that means I have had this piece in my UFO pile for 12 years now - Bad Kaye!

I personalised this piece by stitching my Cameo tortoiseshell cat, Coco, and changing the phrase from "High Hopes grow here" to "My cat Coco lives here".  So, I will personalise this new piece as well, adding the phrase "My cat Furio lives here".

I am going to have to look for a third similar design, so that I can stitch one for Milo.  I just looked at the Just Nan website and couldn't see anything suitable so if anyone has any good suggestions, I would be most grateful.

I am continuing to stitch on it over the weekend, so watch out for an update on Monday morning.

2. Americana SAL ...
One state down ... only 49 more to go! lol!

America, Land that we love
Jean Farish Designs
28 ct linen
Mainly the suggested DMC threads

Hopefully, I will finish Alaska tomorrow night (my next 'Merica Monday stitching night) and get started on the next "A" state - I think maybe it is Arizona but I could be wrong - I will let you know - are there any other "A" states?  Not sure, but I think that I am going to know them all very well by the time I am done!

(Note:  Just googled it and yes, Arizona is next but I forgot about the fourth "A" state - Arkansas!)

... so, while I hopefully stated in my last post that Henry would be done in one more evening of stitching - well, I was wrong - off with my head! lol!

However, I am hopeful of a finish very soon...

Anyway, that's all for me now - heaps to do today.

Happy stitching everyone, 



Tiffstitch said…
Nice work on everything! Hope you have a good stitchy weekend.
Linda said…
Lovely stitching Kaye. I really really enjoyed stitching and I still miss working on it.

rosey175 said…
Haha! You are forgiven for not knowing the nifty 50. I am enjoying watching this piece grow. I think it was a freebie at one point and I had most of them saved from an archive site... but then found the pattern is now only available for sale! I felt it wrong to keep my collection and will live vicariously through you. Glad to see your furry friends sneaking into your pieces. :D
Melody said…
I'm always astonished at how much you manage to stitch. And everything is wonderful too.
KimM said…
Lovely - all of your pieces. And that scamp, Furio- he looks mischievous
ANGIE said…
Hi Kaye, so lovely stitching and ORTs! Happy stitching!
Maggee said…
You have done plenty! And they all are looking great! Hugs!
You frequently traveled and embroider! It's wonderful!
Great work on these. The one with the States will be great for your general knowledge! I hope you are checking the location for each one as you go.
Bea said…
Love the look of both High Hopes and Frosty Hopes - yay for the addition of your kitties. I think you're right - after Alaska would be Arizona, then Arkansas. Henry is looking VERY kingly.
Wen Sylvestre said…
Beautiful stitch projects, Kaye! I love how you personalized the piece with the cat :) Hugs
Brigitte said…
It's dangerous to say something wrong about Henry, isn't it? But nice progress anyway. And the Americana piece has seen two new states as I already saw on the Americana blog. I think I should post my progress on this sampler as well but I always forget. Not good.
So nice to stitch the little Hope series for your cats. Maybe you should contact the designer to create a third design :))
Mii Stitch said…
Great stitching updates :)
Heather said…
Lovely progress I love how Alabama turned out! I'm excited to see Cali and Colorado :)
Lovely stitching! :D

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