Butterflies in my garden ...

... kitty cats in my home....   what more could you ask for?

I recently replanted my pot garden near my front porch and  imagine my delight when the new blooms started attracting butterflies - so pretty.  It was hard to catch one on camera but I did manage it.

I am particularly happy with this hanging basket.  It is not a new planting, but when we went away to Taiwan for a month, my lovely neighbour was feeding the cats and watering the pots but she forgot about this one.  So, I came back to a dead-looking stick plant.  However, I have been nursing it back to health (ie watering it) and now I am about to be rewarded with lots of lovely double blooms of pink and purple!  (Why, I am so happy is that I do not have a green thumb but a black one - most of my plants take one look at me and keel over dead - lol!)

.... and of course, my kitty cats give me great pleasure and companionship.  I love the way that they ALWAYS find the best places to curl up (or stretch out) for a nap!

Furio is so clever, it was a rather cool day, so he is not only sleeping near the central heating vent (hence the clothes airing) but has found a patch of sunshine as well!

My cat Furio and my new cat socks, watching TV.

 Furio loves to find a basket to curl up in, preferable one that is raised up a bit.

... and not to forget Milo (he is much more skittish than Furio so it is harder to get a photo of him)

Stealing my sewing chair!

Milo with his cat cushion - he loves this cushion and sleeps on it in all sorts of strange poses.

Well, that is all for me today, dear friends, off to randomly choose my Friday Frolics/FNSI stitching piece.



Barb said…
Your plants look wonderful even the one coming back! What cute cats. I like the one sleeping by the door, that's one smart animal!!
Heather said…
Pretty :) I'm waiting on some of my first seeds to sprout. Namely my tomato, lavender and onion. But my artichoke, lettuce, cilantro and basil have all sprouted and some even have a few true leaves :)
Anonymous said…
Good morning Kaye what a lovely lot of flowers you have,your fur babies look very relaxed,hope you have a lovely day Kaye :)
Bea said…
Your flowers are lovely. You sound like my kind of gardener - only give me plants that thrive on neglect! Love the kitties and their sleeping choices.
Linda said…
Pretty flowers Kaye and I love the pics of your furbabies.

Melody said…
Great post, love those kitten socks
Brigitte said…
You have very pretty flowers in your garden, Kaye, and I can't see a single sign of a black thumb, lol.
After a little more blog reading I will also stitch on the WIP that the random number thingie has chosen for me.
Love all your beautiful potted plants! Their blooms must smell so pretty! Darling cat photos!
love Annette
butterfly said…
Such cute cats and beautful flowers and butterfly.
Melinda said…
These are great pictures. So peaceful and beautiful flowers and your cats are amazing
Vickie said…
How blessed you are to have such a helpful neighbor!
Kaye, you have beautiful flowers and great socks !!!
Cath said…
loved reading your blog today.....cute kitties!
Penny said…
Looking at your beautiful flowers I would never know you had a black thumb. Furio and Milo are quite handsome and doing what cats do best - sleep. : ) I had to laugh at Milo in your stitching chair - I have one that likes to do that. Love those socks!
Tiffstitch said…
I have a black thumb as well. I'm always surprised when anything survives. Great work bringing your plant back and love your kitties!
I like things which thrive on neglect too!
Great picture of Furio, cool and warm at the same time, clever cat.
Lesley said…
Lovely pictures of your flowers. I never tire of flower photos I take them all the time:)
Your two companions look very content:)
Stitching Noni said…
Never ceases to amaze me how cats always seem to find the sun... Oscar squeezes in behind in the beside table and the full length window in our room most mornings to get that bit of morning sun.. I really do not know how he can be comfortable! So good to see your flowers are coming back.... I love pansies of all varieties - they are such a happy flower :o)
I adore those kitty socks too!!
Hugs xx

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