Weekend Round up ...

Well, not much activity on the social front for my Weekend roundup for the past weekend.  I have been fighting off a bit of a cold and TraderVic has come down with a doozy of a sore throat.  So, our focus was on resting and eating some good food and drinking lots of green tea (we came home with lots and lots of delicious green tea from our Taiwan trip, which we are slowly drinking our way through).  Also, I have picked up a bit of freelance publishing work, so I worked a bit each morning of Saturday and Sunday, as well.  So, the weekend was mainly some work, some cooking and lots of stitching and some TV viewing as well.

(You may wish to scroll down to the end if you just want to see stitching)


I found this soup to be perfect for what ails TraderVic and I, at the moment (I am feeling back to normal today) and I have made the focaccia rolls several times now and these were my best batch yet.

Homemade pizzas (I cheated and bought super nice bases but the toppings are all my creativity!)


This is me, all perky doing some freelance publishing work at home over the weekend (sans the yellow hair, of course).

TV viewing:

Sunday afternoon (while TraderVic was napping, nursing his sore throat), I indulged in a marathon of "War and Peace" (sans Episode 2, which for some reason didn't tape).

Oh, my goodness, such a sumptuous production and I loved the BBC's ending far better than Tolstoy's actual ending - read this article here.

... and in all my internet searching, I found this gorgeous clip.


... and the other show which TraderVic and I have been watching together is Series Two of Arrow (please note: this is actually a trailer for Series Four - couldn't find one for Series Two)


Lots happening on the stitching front:

1. More progress on "Frosty Hopes" - you can see earlier pics here.

2. Battling with the Smyrna crosses in the pumpkins on this Northern Expressions design for my (now late) March Hallowe'en Ornie.

3. Now, I have saved the best for last!  Another new start - I know, I know, I need another new start like I need a hole in the head!  But, Sunday morning I was poking around on FB and I saw this gorgeous design which someone had just finished - Song of Solomon - on this FB group, Embroidery motifs from Old Dutch Samplers

So, very shortly, with the wonders of the internet, I was the proud owner of not only this gorgeous design, Song of Solomon but also the wonderful Skyros ship.

I had the perfect fabric in my stash for Song of Solomon, a greyish-white overdyed with swirls of blue and I am using some gorgeous Threadworx floss which I indulgently bought a few weeks ago, not knowing what I would stitch with it but feeling in my bones that the right project would turn up - and it did.

This is what I accomplished whilst marathon-watching "War and Peace"

So, that was my weekend, a quiet but pretty good one (which we needed after the hectic activities and excitement of the extended weekend before at Byron Bay).

See you all again soon, 



Anonymous said…
hi Kaye thankyou for sharing your recipe for the soup i am going to try that it looks so yummy and good for you,and lots of lovely stitching there my friend,so glad you picked up so work,take care xx
Bea said…
The food looks fantastic and thanks for the recipe. I do love soup and this one looks delicious.

So glad you got some work - it's all good, right?

LOVE your new patterns - going to have to check that out.
Linda said…
Awesome post Kaye. The food looks yummy and your stitching is beautiful.

butterfly said…
Wonderful stitching and cooking looks yummy.
I loved War and Peace .
Mini said…
I love your work pic more than the stitching pics..lol
Vickie said…
Oh my. I am excited about your new Song of Solomon piece. AWESOME.
Maggee said…
Hope that you both are feeling better by now. Enjoy your new project! But don't forget all those WIPs! Hugs!
Lesley said…
Great recipes,Got to make the Focaccia. Frosty Hopes is very prettyI love the Schooner sampler too.
Great that you are doing some freelance work:)
Ariadne said…
Wow!Where to start? Great delicious food some of it Greek!Amazed! I am so glad you are getting some work done freelance!That's excellent! Enjoyed all those clips from the series!I am not watching something now but registered for the first free episode of Belgravia!Last but not least the new cross stitch. The links do not open but when I saw the Greek Skyros boat I felt so proud. I am call Skyrianidou, my ancestors were from Skyros island. Can I have more details about this piece?Hugs.AriadnefromGreece!
I think that you have been active during the weekend!
I wish you health!
Apart from the bugs it sounds like the perfect antidote to last week's busyness!
Love the Threadworx thread on the new design , they were made for each other.
Carol said…
Looks like you've had a great week, Kaye--those focaccia rolls look amazing!! And soup-I love soup for dinner! Can I come visit? Ha ha!!

Love your stitching and your new purchase will be such fun--enjoy :)
Annie said…
You really know how to deal with being sick! Yummy food and fun activities. What a lot of lovely stitching too. I love that Schooner Sampler.. that really looks like fun and I'm not a sampler person!
Barb said…
Wonderful cooking and stitching!!. I hope your DH is all better very soon.
Heather said…
I'm glad you're feeling better and holy progress! Everything is beautiful I love your new start. The food looks great too!
Margaret said…
Loved War and Peace, both book and series! Your cooking always amazes me. Love that new start! I need to put blinders on now. lol! Hope you and Trader Vic are feeling better. I've been down with something nasty since last week and only this week have had the time to spend in bed.
Von said…
What a great week even tho you and DH were feeling a bit low. What delicious-looking dishes you created and lovely stitching too! I also enjoyed the BBC War and Peace immensely. Such gorgeous sets and photography!
Tiffstitch said…
How cool is that start? And another busy week. :) I love how Frosty is coming along with the kitty.
Brigitte said…
Great food, great movies and great stitching - what do you want more on a weekend? New stash and a new start, yes, that's perfect. Wonderful new designs, Kaye. Where would we stitchers be without the internet????
Lovely stitching, and that is an absolutely gorgeous start! I love the colors. Enjoy! :D
Stitching Noni said…
Oh my goodness... you have been busy!! Loving your new WIP! We did a bit of a War and Peace marathon as well... I do enjoy watching series that way now (no waiting for the next episode!) - also much better for stitching purposes.
The internet is dangerous.... I see too many nice things when I go browsing!! :o)
Hugs xx

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