May Gifted Gorgeousness .... and Smalls SAL ....

.... both a bit very late - my apologies.

I have quite a bit to show you this month for both of these SALs.

Now, if you don't know what I am talking about.

Gifted Gorgeousness (or GG) is a SAL run by the wonderful SAL Mama, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  Basically, on the 15th of each month, we post anything which is stitchy gift-related.


What is the Smalls SAL?  It is quite simple, really - it is run by Heather of Silver Lotus (the SAL Mama). Here are the main details:
  1. Stitch a small every month. You get to decide what a small is for you. 50×50 stitches? 100×100 stitches? It’s up to you. You just need to be able to get it done by the check-in day. (WIP smalls that you complete in time for the check-in are great too!) You pick your design, I do not provide designs.
  2. Post a picture of your completed small (stitching done, but the actual finishing is optional) on the last Thursday of every month, with the exception of November, which will be the last Wednesday.
So here we go, with what I have been doing for both these SALs this month.  Now, there will be a bit of interspersing as, wonderfully, some of the GG pieces are finished Smalls - Happy Dances all around!

First off, is the gorgeous Thirteen Colonies by LHN.  I recently picked this back up after last stitching on it way back in  January, 2012!!!!!! You can read all about it here.

I am certain that Thirteen Colonies was a gift from dear Gracie from Needles, pins and dragonflies and she generous gifted me not only the pattern but the fabric and the floss as well - thank you, dear Gracie.

Here are my progress pics....

 When I  first picked it up again , the stitching was like this....

Then I made some progress ....

Yay! I finished the little grey house - although you may notice that I am frogging the browny colour on the right - I realised that I had used the wrong floss colour, all those years ago - aagghh!

... and some more ..... It is moving along nicely now, I even have a couple of sheep!

.... and I think that I have stitched even more but unfortunately, I cannot quite put my hands on where I have put it, at the moment it is lost in the black hole of my Girl's Nest (which is what TraderVic and I call my sewing room).

Another dear bloggy friend, Barb from Wicked Stitcher kindly sent me this lovely July 4th design to add to my Americana collection to stitch for my Americana SAL. Thank you so much, Barb, I cannot wait to get started on this design. xxxx

I finished my second Nordic ornament from PS Book #191 for the Christmas Ornie SAL May theme of "Reindeer".

Isn't he a proud, handsome fellow?

He is a companion piece to the April theme of "Ornament".

I have been working on the final step of this quilt for my dear friend, Jenny P, this quilt has been a long time coming but is nearly there!  Furio loves this quilt and as soon as I get it out, he magically appears on my lap!

  I also finished my two versions of "All you need is love" by Lynne B of Happiness is Crossstitching.

Furio on the left and Milo on the right.  These will be made into ornies and I will send them to my daughter once she has an address in London (yes, she is leaving Australia and going overseas for a year or two - more on that in another post), so that she has her kittens with her.  I am extremely pleased with how these turned out.

.... and lastly, I am on the home stretch with the baby blanket - I am on track to get this finished by the baby shower on the 18th June.

So, that is all from me for these two SALs this month.

Ooops, no it is not, I nearly forgot my Counting Bats band by Just Nan for the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL May theme of spiders.

Now, remember, you can check out all the GG action here and the Smalls SAL action here.

P.S. Phew! I just made the GG link in with 1.5 hours to spare (and I had a cruisey 2 days for the Smalls SAL link in).

P.P.S. You know that I am really sick - see last post "Sick as a dog", when this is what I am having for morning tea!

Latte for the caffeine hit;
Chocolate for the comfort;
and Whiskey to kill the germs
(my sweet Uncle Ron, swears by it as the cure for what ails you!)
(and no, I am not an alcoholic - just desperate to get rid of this virus).

hugs again, a very mellow, Kaye


Bea said…
I love these wrap up posts - get to see everything you've been working on & a future start! 13 Colonies is coming along beautifully except for the boo, hiss to the frog. You better check carefully when you give away the quilt in case Furio has snuggled himself inside. He looks SO comfy. Love the colours in the blanket.
Linda said…
Lovely stitching and knitting Kaye.

Brigitte said…
A great SAL post with so many lovely pieces to look at. You have been stitching a lot lately, and also that blanket has seen great progress.
Let's hope that your breakfast for sick people will help you to get back to your normal self very fast as it has everything you need to feel better :)
Mini said…
Kaye, its so good to see you that are crafting in spite being unwell. Great progress on all your projects.
KimM said…
You've done a lot of stitching, Kaye! I agree with your approach to getting rid of your's my husband's cure, too 😀
Tiffstitch said…
I like your remedies! :) Glad you were feeling up to some stitching and nice progress on things and love the kitties for your daughter. Excellent work on the blanket and quilt too.
Love all your work, especially the Nordic pieces and the cats.
Carol said…
Wow! You've really been busy, Kaye! I do love watching your progress on 13 Colonies and am fascinated by your interest in Americana :) That reminds me, I need to begin getting my red, white, and blue decor out soon!!

I have chocolate every morning for breakfast, too--really!! Just a small piece starts off the day perfectly :) Hope you feel better very soon....
Squeaking in there with your post! The SAL Mama forgives you LOL.
Great work on your GGs and Smalls this month. I love your two cats.
BUT - BIG NEWS - your daughter is coming to London. Surely her mother will get to visit at some point in the next year or two? And want to see some of the Eastern parts of the country while she is here?
Penny said…
I think your husband came up with the perfect name for your room and I may adopt it. : ) You've done some lovely stitching - I especially like the cat blocks you've stitched. Furio is just too sweet! I hope your morning tea has made you feel better. : )
Melinda said…
I totally agree that Whiskey is the answer to many of my problems... Love Love Love your Cats. They look perfect.
So much awesome stitching! I love it. Congrats on the reindeer finish, and on those lovely cats! :D
Oh, and I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like a nasty cold :(
Heather said…
Great progress on everything!
Justine said…
A great update - I especially love your Nordic reindeer!
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Stitching Noni said…
Loved reading your updated post! Wow... some serious stitching going on :o)
Meant to say on my last comment... that working for yourself usually means that you work harder than you did before - so it is really important to took after yourself and try to keep the work/life scales well balanced! How wonderful for your daughter to be going to live in London (that was always my dream when I was in my 20's & 30"s)... lucky girl!
Hugs xx

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