An oasis in the desert?

This first morning in Roma, I woke up to beautiful blue skies (unlike grey, wintry Melbourne) and some plump chested birds on a wire.

Just to give you a sense of how far we have travelled.  Melbourne is way down south and Roma is where the red dot is - over 2000km, but only a fraction of our vast continent!

As I was up early with the birds, I stitched some more on my ornie, my little red figure is taking shape.

Once everyone was up and at 'em, we went to a Bush Nursery, Moorelands Bush Nursery (about 30 mins drive away) for a late breakfast.  It was like an oasis in the desert.  Lovely plants, quirky tin animals and delicious, inexpensive food.

My gorgeous DIL.

Then later in the afternoon, we went for a walk around the Railway Dam - so pretty!

Some more progress on my Christmas Ornie in the evening, now there is a little doggie, whilst we played some board games (Sushi GoGo and Munchkin Zombies - don't ask! lol!) and later watched The Shining (still scary after all of these years!)

... and then this morning I woke to this beautiful sunrise and to the laughter of a Kookaburra!

Okay, off on more adventures - talk to you all tomorrow.


Bea said…
I can definitely relate to the distances - we both live in beautiful, BIG countries.

Love the look of your ornie.

The nursery looks fascinating, especially those animals and the breakfast yummy. And a lovely walk as well. A great first day.
Wow, all that way and you're only in the next state! In Europe you'd have gone through six different countries at least!
Nice to see you getting some stitching time in among all the food and outings!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye ,lovely post and pics,have fun ....
KimM said…
What a great post, Kaye! Looks like a great visit!
Tiffstitch said…
What a wonderful day and nice progress on your ornament!
Melinda said…
Thank you for sharing all your wonderful pictures. I could never watch the Shining again - it was so terrible the first time!!!
Kaye, thank you for the beautiful photos!
Everything interests me, walks, food and xxxxx!
Heather said…
Now I have kookaburra in the gum tree stuck in my head lol. Great pictures :)
Barb said…
So interesting. I'm not sure I like the tin animals as yard art but they were quite interesting to see. Beautiful photos around the lake!
Brigitte said…
That Bush Nursery looks very interesting and I think my grandson would have had a lot of fun there with all the tin animals :) Nice that you could already see some of the surroundings and even get some stitching time in.

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