More Roma living.....

Yesterday, we did some more roaming around Roma - there are some lovely old buildings.

Then, I couldn't resist, I just had to go visit the Ace Drapery again... oh my goodness, the treasures of quilting fabric inside plus nearly every other crafty thing that you could possibly need.

I really loved these two fabbies but I did resist temptation - not sure how, but I did!

Then it was off to dinner at the Irish pub in town, where I had the most succulent lamb shanks.

After dinner, I gave my DDIL her first cross stitch lesson.

She started to pick it up but not as quickly as the knitting!  However, after a while, we all decided to watch a movie on Netflix - Chef - a sweet, easy watch. 

 So, she switched back to her knitting and is now a third of the way through the scarf!  I think that, for the moment, she is liking knitting more than cross stitch but that may change with some more cross stitch practice.

Today, I accompanied my DDIL to one of her  piano student's homes (on a farm, with chickens, ducks and peacocks).

Where, of course, I found the most adorable cats yet, on my trip - three rag doll cats.  Oh, so beautiful!

... and one of them was a Mama Cat, she had four absolutely gorgeous kittens a few week's back.

 On the stitching front, I have Finish #2 for my Road Trip stitching.  Not overly thrilled with how it has turned out - not the design's fault but mine!  I made an error somewhere near the start, didn't pick it up until it was way too late, so had to ditch the idea of a border and create this snow "hill" instead - now it is a bit of an odd shape - may have to make it a bell-shaped ornie, I think, when I Finish Finish it.

Then, it was on to Start #3.  This is another PS design, The train from PS Book #69, Prairie Village I.  This will be a baby gift for the upcoming family friend's son's baby for whom I made the baby blanket and softies - you can read about them in this post.

 I am hopeful of having this piece near completion by the time we get home late Friday afternoon, as it involves fairly large blocks of single colours.

Anyway, that's me signing off from Roma in Outback Queensland.



Brigitte said…
Wow, two stitchy finishes already - but what would holidays be without any stitching :)
I can't believe my eyes when looking at the piles and piles of fabric rolls and bolts at that store. How is this possible ... A treasure cave for quilters. And for other crafters as well. And you can go there each day during your stay at Roma. I do envy you, you know that? Lol.
KimM said…
Pretty stitching, did you manage not to take one of those sweet kittens with you?! Adorable!💖
Tiffstitch said…
Another fun day, and great idea to give DDIL another craft to try. For the ornament, could you do a modified humbug too, sort of triangular stuffed finish?
Vickie said…
I must agree with Brigitte! I would be found in that fabric store EVERY DAY! ha! But how to unearth half the fabrics!!! What a mess.
ohh the fabric. ohh the cats. ohhhhh the kittens!! Are you going to get one?
Linda said…
Another fun day and cute finish Kaye.

Wow, what an awesome warehouse. Vickie and I will be right over to organise them!
Love those tiny kittens too, so adorable.
Could you tweak the ornie to make it more of a snow globe shape? Or are you just glad to have finished it?!
Stock fabrics is huge, there'd been two days and picking out :-)))
It's business treasure!
Kittens are cute, beautiful white!
It is interesting that you find time to cross stitch.
Carol said…
OH, those mountains of fabric look so tempting, Kaye! I would be in heaven!! How nice that your DIL is interested in your hobby--I'm sure she will pick is up in no time. Even if she prefers knitting it is nice to have her to sit and create with :)

Love those kitties--and your new finishes look great. I think a bell shape would be perfect :)
Bea said…
It's a lovely finish even though it's not quite as expected.

All those fabrics! My craft partner would be in heaven.

And those gorgeous ragdoll cats! I'm in love! lol I have wanted one for ages - thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures.
butterfly said…
Lovely post .
What a shop all those fabrics WOW.
Cute kitty cats.
Barb said…
I think you have truly inspired a new knitter to the world. What a fabric shop but even better, those wonderful little kittens-just adorable.
Heather said…
Ooo lots of great pictures :)

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