Okay, now you may (or may not - lol!) have noticed that I have not posted for other two weeks now! I have missed posting for IHSW, Gifted Gorgeousness and Friday Frolics - oh no!  I have not started either a Hallowe'en or Christmas Ornie (oops, just realised that my Christmas July ornie is stitched - phew!) for those two SALs and Tudor Tuesdays, Americana and Prairie Schooler have all been neglected!!!!!!!!!

What on earth is going on?  Well, the reason for my absence is two-fold.

The first reason is boring as anything - I have so much freelance publishing work happening that I am "chained" to my laptop working on it and once I am done for the day I do not feel like blogging - boring, I know.

The second reason is the Obsession of the title of this post.  Many of my days (not all, I have been out and about doing a few other things, too - but they get in the way of blogging, as well - lol!) since getting back from Roma have been a bit like this:

5 am - get up and start work, work through to about lunchtime

Lunchtime - catch up with a friend (stitchy or otherwise) for lunch

Afternoon - stitch on my Obsession

Late afternoon - a bit more publishing work/cook dinner

Evenings - Obsession time again

So, what is this Obsession?, I hear you ask.

Well, a number of weeks back, I happened to pick up this Mill Hill Kit from my LNS, Lazy Daisy.

For some reason, it really 'spoke' to me, so despite having lots of other WIPs on the go and a number of stitching commitments, I began it and I tell you, I have not been able to put it down since!  

I am using a gorgeous 25ct Wedgwood Lugana (sorry, for some reason it is looking a bit washed out in the pics)  that I happened to have in my stash - it is a dream to stitch on - and now I am up to the beading.  Oh, how I wish that my camera could catch the gleam and sparkle of the beads properly - it is looking so pretty already.

So, that is my confession about my Obsession.

I hope to have a finish by early next week - then Normal Transmission (ie blog posts) will resume, I hope.

Have a great weekend everyone,

I am off to take my Dear Sister 2 to the dentist to have two teeth extracted (one of them an impacted molar - ouch!) shortly but you all know what I would rather be doing! lol!

Love to you all, 



Karyn said…
Oh Kaye, I can see why the obsession...that WIP is gorgeous! I am in love, love, love! The design and the colors are beautiful and your stitches too...I love your progress, and look forward to seeing your finish <3
Have a great weekend...don't work too hard
Barb said…
The Obsession is so pretty. Have a great week-end working on it! I did wonder what you were up to.
Margaret said…
Ohhhh, nice obsession! It's gorgeous! Love how it has texture to it -- and the colors are wonderful too! I don't blame you for being obsessed by it! Hope the freelance work doesn't drive you crazy!
Kaye, is a joy to be obsessed :-)
At work, you should relax a little and, for your own health!
I see beads are beautiful!
You too can enjoy a nice weekend!
Ariadne said…
Oh such a great obsession this is!AriadnefromGreece!
KimM said…
Hi, Kaye! First, I'm happy you are so popular with your freelance work. Second, your Magnificent Obsession is gorgeous. I love blue, anyway...this is so stunning
Vickie said…
Oh this is soooooooo pretty! Glad you are having such a good time with it Kaye. :D
What a wonderful obsession! I stitched it a while back on the perforated paper. It looks just as good on fabric.
Bea said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bea said…
Phew, you're just obsessed! I was worried about illness, accident, family disaster, so this is a relief. The work is a good thing, although I'm sorry you're some overwhelmed. The kit is gorgeous - love the fabric choice. Have a great stitchy weekend.
Lesley said…
What a beautiful piece of stitching..no wonder you are obsessed:)
It's gorgeous! I don't blame you at all for not being able to put it down :D
Crazee4books said…
Well Kaye, Your obsession is an understandable one.
What a beautiful little design and I'll bet it'll be
amazing once all the beads are attached.

And work is work ... it kinda does have to take
precedence over other things ... like stitching
and blogging ... I guess. Maybe. Uh huh.

Von said…
At least you had a lovely reason for going AWOL on us! It's a gorgeous piece!
Justine said…
I love that feeling when you're barely able to put your stitching down - your obsession is lovely!
Heather said…
Wow beautiful design!

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