Travelling to Toowoomba....

Well, it was with great sadness that TraderVic and I said goodbye to DS1 and DDIL.  But all good things must come to an end and we have had to hit the road again to travel back to Brisbane to catch our flight home.  This time, we are breaking up the trip with an overnight stay in Toowoomba - Australia's 16th largest city.

Now, I must apologise on two counts.  One, there are no photos of DS1 but this is because he was teaching all week and so we spent most of our time with our DDIL.  Two, no kitty cat photos on this post - so sorry!

My DDIL has taken to knitting with a passion, so much so that after only two nights after I taught her to knit she was trying to teach the daughter of one of her friends - lol!

But don't worry, we did manage to sneak in another cross stitch lesson and I have introduced her to the wonders of Flosstube for when she needs to look up how to do something - phew!

So, this morning, it was a last coffee in a cute, Melbourne-style cafe in Roma, The Queen's Beans.

Then it was time to hit the road, Jack, back along the Mad Max Highway to Toowoomba.

(We stopped for lunch in Chinchilla and the roadhouse had this cute heater)

Below is what we call a mountain in Australia - lol!

... and here is my stitchy progress on today's road trip.

Okay, off to find a local pub for dinner.

See you later, hugs, 


KimM said…
Lovely trip, ?Kaye. Looks like DDIL is a natural knitter!
Vickie said…
How fun to see your DDIL take off with the knitting.
Dani - tkdchick said…
Thank you for the wonderful road trip pictures! I love it, the rare time I'm not the driver so I can stitch!!!
Looks like a fun trip!
Linda said…
Nice progress on the train and great pictures Kaye.

ooo, look, Australian rain! Looks like you had a lovely visit and left a serious crafter behind you.
Nice work on your travel projects too.
DDIEL clever pupil and teacher already!
The rain made me feel sick drive a car :-)
Good progress!
Bea said…
It's always sad to say good-bye, but then you look forward to the next visit. Very nice progress on your train as you travelled. As a BCer, I had to smile at your "mountain".
Barb said…
Have a safe trip. I have to laugh at the"mountain" as our famiuy in Alabama has the same kind of "mountain". They refer to this or that side of the mountain all the time. I have enjoyed all the photos of the trip.
Mini said…
Lovely pics of the trip. Good progress on your travel projects.
So nice of you to teach knitting and cross stitch to your DIL. Crafty relationships go a long way!
Mini said…
P.S.Why do you have two blog reading lists? one on left and one on right of the blog header
Melinda said…
What a wonderful thing, to be able to share your hobby with someone new. Safe travels home!
Crazee4books said…
Hello Kaye,

I have been reading through your blog posts about
your visit with your DS1 and DDIL and enjoying the
views of Australia and of small town life. Oh, and
the odd cat pictures too. I must say, I'd have come
home with my pocket full of kittens if I'd been to that
one home with the Rag Dolls. Sweet.

Hope that you and your DH had a nice trip home,
though it looks a bit damp at times.
Margaret said…
You've been having quite the adventure! Love that your DDIL took to knitting as she did. So cute! Safe travels home!
Brigitte said…
Such a great visit with your DS and DIL. And the best is that you taught DIL how to knit and that she loves doing it. And I'm sure that she will also love to cross stitch one day.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye i hope to get up that way one day,great to see your DIL taking to craft so well,she is having lots of fun learning,hope you have a lovely day xx
Heather said…
Lovely progress and pictures :)
Natureluvr57 said…
Mult-crafting-love it! I also love Flosstube and it's not just for cross stitch anymore. I'm enjoying all the knitting, quilting, punch needle, etc.

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