A miscellaneous post....

.... just some bits and pieces that I want to share with you, really.

First up is, we had some spectacular morning and evening skies the other week - just so very pretty - apparently it all had to do with some particular meteorological conditions which were in play at the time.



Next up, the other night I went to my friend's husband's book launch - it was lots of fun and I cannot wait to read the book.  Isn't the cover cool?

Then the next night, TraderVic and I went out to a great little Thai restaurant in Thornbury with some friends.  We had this delicious snapper dish - but look, my dinner is looking at me!

... and then on my travels around Melbourne, I have taken what I think are some nice pics.  This is the old match factory, which has now been renovated.

A gorgeous, blue winter sky.

One of Melbourne's many cool cafes....

... and, of course, a couple of Furio pics.  Here he is banished to the chair, when he kept jumping up onto the table and sitting on my laptop whilst I was trying to work.

... and then he got himself back into my good books when later that evening, when I had ducked out to visit a friend around the corner, there he was, waiting  for me, like a faithful little puppy!

... and lastly, an update on my Magnificent Obssession.... getting close.

That's all from me, for now.



Carm said…
Love your latest work!! The skies are awesome! Great colors for a quilt or maybe my daughter's hair, LOL! Happy that you have all that freelance work. Means more money for cross stitch, LOL!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pics Kaye,thankyou for sharing
Cathy said…
Your sky photos are amazing. We've had quite a few skies like that in the past couple of weeks here in Georgia, U.S. And your Obsession is looking so good! Just gorgeous!
Karyn said…
Gorgeous pics Kaye...that sky is breathtaking!
Your obsession is progressing nicely...the colors are wonderful.
Furio is too funny...isn't that just like a boy to know how to get back into his Mama's good graces...
Your friend's husband's book looks interesting...I'm off to see if I can find it online :) Congrats to them on the book launch.
What a fun share!
Have a great day
Wow, Kaye, the sky is beautiful! I'm very happy to watch the sky, the clouds and the light through them.
Thank you for sharing interesting objects in Melbourne!
Eyes on the plate, I do not love :-)
Furio is wise when reading books :-)
Furio our growing and wants to still play :-)
Progress on the Magnificent obsession!
Tiffstitch said…
Gorgeous photos and I love those winter trees!
Melinda said…
You really do write some of the best posts. Your Winter Trees are so beautiful. I just love the blues. And I think your cat is very special!
Margaret said…
A fun post with lots of miscellany. i'm still loving your stitching. So sweet that Furio waited for you like that. Awww!
Lesley said…
Gorgeous photos,there is nothing more beutiful than the colours of Nature.
Bea said…
Beautiful skies and you really captured that fabulous colour. Furio is not dumb, that's for sure. The stitching is lovely, I do love those colours. And thanks for sharing pictures of Melbourne.
Barb said…
Really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Melbourne, the very pretty skies,the lovely stitching project, and the cute kitty!
Mini said…
Lovely pics
Great pictures of the sky, wouldn't they make lovely fabrics?
I agree with Daniela, I'd rather my dinner looked like dinner!
I've just looked up Nevernight and we're doing a special exclusive edition with black edged pages. For only £9.99. It's got good bookseller reviews too. I trust my colleagues!
KimM said…
What great pictures of the skies. Gotta love Furio!
Stitching Noni said…
Great pics... stunning sunset/sunrise, but not sure about having my dinner looking at me!! :o)
Poor Furio.. he looks so sad sitting there on the chair!
I love your Obsession! It is stunning - I can see why you don't want to put it down!
Will have to keep an eye out for the book next time I pop into Dymocks :o)
Hugs xx
Lovely pictures! Your Mill Hill Obsession is getting so close to a finish. It's gorgeous! :D
Heather said…
Great pics and awww furio :). My kitty is always on my laptop lol I have to put a textbook on it to keep her from hitting keys and screwing up my whole computer

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