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You may remember from this post here, that some time ago I stitched a block for "Stitching for Syria" for Concern, an aid organisation, who have asked stitchers around the world to stitch this little design to be made into a wall hanging to show the women of Syria that stitchers around the world are thinking of them and are aware of their plight.  It is also to give them inspiration for their own craft.  I found out about this via the lovely Jo, who also stitched a block.

Stitched on 28 ct Mocah Linen
Floss: Cottage Garden Threads 1004 Blue Ixia

Well, the other day, I received this great update email.

Welcome to Concern Worldwide from three year old Deli. Photo: Gareth Bentley/2014/Zambia
Dear Kaye, 
Earlier this year, hundreds of you took part in our cross-stitch challenge in aid of Syrian refugees. Now the individual creations have been turned into three beautiful wall hangings.
Stitch for Syria saw crafters from around the world re-create a cross-stitch pattern inspired by the refugee women at a Concern supported training centre in Lebanon. The women at the centre use embroidery to deal with the trauma caused by years of violent conflict, as well as earn a vital income.
Now Jane Caldwell, a grandmother and retired lecturer from Northern Ireland has stitched the patterns together to make three wall hangings! The hangings feature over 900 individual squares from over 20 countries. Jane spent four hours a day for two months joining the patterns together, using over one million stitches! 
Jane said: "I'm really pleased with how it has turned out. It's been amazing to see how creative people have been and how varied each design is...I hope the completed wall hangings will remind the Syrian women that we support them in the difficulties they face." 
The hangings will soon be sent to Lebanon where they will decorate the centre where the women meet. Stay tuned for our next email showing the hangings on their journey to Lebanon. 

How wonderful it is to have been part (albeit just a small part) of this great initiative. Thanks, dear Jo, for giving me the inspiration to take part.

hugs to you all, 

P.S. Sorry that the last two pictures are so large, but if I try to change the size they go out of proportion!


Anonymous said…
This is very interesting Kaye and a wonderful cause,i love the colours in your cross stitch xx
Barb said…
That was quite the awe-inspiring project. Your square was lovely. You must be proud that you participated.
Bea said…
What a beautiful creations from those individual squares! A wonderful project to be part of!
Ariadne said…
Great! I was so happy too to see all those little pieces stitched together!AriadnefromGreece!
Linda said…
Your square is lovely Kaye. The wall hangings are gorgeous.

Lesley said…
Lovely to see the results of all the lovely stitching turned into wall hangings.I love the threads you used for yours piece.
Ake Wow, it's amazing!
It was a great idea!
Carol said…
How nice of you to update us on this very special project, Kaye! The wall hangings are so lovely and you must be so proud to have your pretty contribution displayed with the many others from around the world :)
Xeihua (Sara) said…
That's amazing... And how lovely it is of them to share the end result with all the people who took part. just stunning :D
Sheryl S. said…
Great to read about this update, great work from so many stitchers.
Julie said…
The wall hangings looks super, I too took part in this special project.
It was lovely to receive the update although I haven't blogged about it yet. I think my black and gold block may be at the top of the long thin banner but I'm not sure.
Heather said…
Those look amazing!
Stitching Noni said…
What a lovely update from them :o)
It is always so nice to see the finished product when you do something like that.
Hugs xx

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