Christmas is coming, 2016 ... Part One

Just in case you didn't know... Christmas is coming ... about ten weeks away now.

So, trying to be organised, I have prepared all my dried fruit and have it soaking in rum overnight for my Christmas Puddings, which I will make tomorrow.

It is our turn to host both Christmas Dinner (lunch) for the extended family (my Dad, uncle and aunt, cousins plus my sisters and my niece and nephew) and a Christmas "Eve" dinner (we are having it early this year) with some family friends.  So, I thought that I had better take the opportunity of a quiet week this week to make my puddings.

This is a tried and true Australian Women's Weekly recipe, that I have been using since 1983 - that is 33 years now!  Wow! That does make me feel old.

Just for fun, after I peeled the one Granny Smith apple that I needed for the recipe, which I actually managed to get off in one long strip - woo hoo! - I threw it over my left shoulder to see what letter it would make, expecting just a squiggle.  I was thrilled to see this gorgeous curlicued V, when I turned around.

Isn't it pretty?

That's all from me for now, off to pick some more roses - lol!


P.S. Jamie from Cricket Bug Corner, just asked me if there is a tradition linked to throwing the peel over your left shoulder.  Yes, there is, it is supposed to show you the initial of the man you are going to marry  (too late for me, I have been married 34 years to the same man whose initial starts with J not V! lol!)

K xoxox


Is there a story behind throwing it over your shoulder?
Brigitte said…
Wow, hosting two Christmas dinners will keep you busy for the time to come :)
butterfly said…
I love Christmas pudding .
Well done on starting early .
Apple peel throwing is fun .
Christine said…
The Christmas pudding mix looks wonderful.
I always do that when I get an apple peel off in one piece. It's never made a recognisable letter yet!
Anthea said…
Hosting two functions?! Wow that might need a lot of Pudding, Kaye! Good on you being so organised. I just made my brandied dried fruit during the school hols
Tiffstitch said…
Yikes, that's a lot of work for Xmas, good luck with the pudding although your V for Victory should help. :)
Dear Kaye, you are preparing a yummy!
Certainly it was Merry Christmas to family!
So about 10 weeks :-)))
Lesley said…
Homemade Christmas Pud...delicious:)
But if you turn the photo about 90degrees anti-clockwise, it looks very much like a J
Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye,love your baking ,wow 2 xmas dinners that will keep you out of mischief.
Bea said…
You're smart to get started early so you can relax and enjoy your company while they're there. But you call him Trader Vic, so the V is perfect!
rosey175 said…
10 weeks shhhhh. Maybe if I close my eyes things will just calmly happen lol. Congrats on your one strip! I've only managed half an apple so far. I will keep practicing.
Barb said…
I am so impressed that you are preparing for Christmas. I haven't even thought about it yet.
Melinda Forbes said…
Have I told you lately I love your blog. Am running home tonight to peel an apple
Julie said…
The pudding mix looks wonderful.
Margaret said…
Very interesting on the apple peel -- and the Christmas prep! Already! So the puddings keep for that long? Am I being dense? lol!
Heather said…
Lol cute tradition! I hope the puddings went well!

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