October TUSAL report....

Okay, I think that I am doing well - only two days late with my TUSAL update for the October new moon and I am doing very well as this is my THIRD post today!

So, you can tell that I am having some rest and relaxation in Roma in Outback, Queensland, this week.  As there is not a lot to do here in Roma (I am here helping my DS and DDIL entertain her mother), I am hoping to catch up on lots of stitching and blogging.  It certainly will not be the endless parade of outings we took them on last week, I am pretty certain of that as it is already 11am and all we are doing is lazing around drinking Taiwanese tea.  Lovely!

Here are my ORTs for this month - quite a lot.  Amy's London blanket on the left and all my stitching ORTs on the right - there are so many of them as I am still tidying up my "Nest" and I keep finding odd bits of floss lying around - so, into the ORT jar they go.

Here they are, all squished in together, I will have to find a bigger vase for next month, I think.

Signing off for now but you can check out my other two posts for today here - September Smalls SAL update - and here - The Alphabet Club "O".

Also, please do feel free to visit me again, as I still have lots to tell you about our time with our Taiwanese visitors last week. Those posts will be coming up soon.

lots and lots of hugs, from Outback Australia, 

Ooops, forgot to say, please check out everyone else's TUSAL report at Daffycat's blog.


Stitching Noni said…
Great looking ORT's!
Hugs xx
Julie said…
Nice bowl full of ORTs
Bea said…
Good looking ORTs.
Heather said…
That's a lot of ORTs I love the half moon bowl :)

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