Gifted Gorgeousness SAL_April Update

I know, I know, my blogging mojo seems to be in a bit of a hiatus!

If you look at my sidebar, you will see that I started the year racing, straight out of the blocks - with 19 posts for the month, the next few months were less than half that and this post is only my fourth one for April and the month is nearly over!  

Oh dear, I wish I knew where my blogging mojo has gone but I am still stitching A LOT, however I am finding that I am using Instagram a lot more (and then I share to FB and Twitter).  If you would like to follow me on social media, my user name is Kaisievic (or you can see some links in my sidebar)

Lately, I have also been posting more on two of my other blogs - Kitten Stitching and Friday Frolics and the Americana SAL - so you can check out what I have been up to there, as well.

Anyway, I had better get on with the post - there is lots to catch up on

So, here is my very late (fourteen days and counting) Gifted Gorgeousness April Update.

Now, if you do not know what I am talking about ...

Gifted Gorgeousness (or GG) is a SAL run by the wonderful SAL Mama, Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.  Basically, on the 15th of each month, we post anything which is stitchy gift-related.

.... and I have so much Gorgeousness to show you - I really don't know where to start!  

But start I will, with the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange, organised by the wonderful Stephanie from the The Enchanting Rose.

This was the Tenth Tea Cup and Mug Exchange that Stephanie has hosted and I decided to enter into both.

First of all I received this gorgeous tea cup and other lovely gifts from sweet Libby.  

Thank you so much, dear Libby, I l love everything and thank you for your lovely letter, too - I promise to email you very soon.

Then I received this great mug package from Augusta - more lovely goodies, thank you, my dear.

And this is what I sent...

My Mug package for Janae.

... and my Tea Cup package for Tanya. 
(sorry for the sideways pictures)

Such a wonderful exchange, thanks for organising it, Stephanie.  Click here to see the big reveal post on Stephanie's blog.

Next up is the Easter Exchange, which I hosted.  Not sure if I will host one again, as I am not sure I have the time to commit to the administration of it.

I sent my Easter gifts to Ariadne.  

This is what I received from dear Carmie (no blog)- I love the needle book, thank you, my dear.

I also have a couple of other GG projects....

This is my progress on "Afternoon in Paris" by CCN, which I am stitching for a friend's 60th birthday.

and here is my progress on "Nutcracker Sampler" (the design was gifted to me by my dear friend Melinda.)

I have nearly finished the Santa nutcracker.  I am thinking that I will back stitch each nutcracker when I finish him - that way the back stitching won't be too overwhelming.  What do you think?

Okay, I am finally done with this post.

If you would like to check out all of the other wonderful GG posts for this month, please click here.

Have a great weekend, 



Debbie Harris said…
Hello Kaye~ so nice to meet you through stephanie's exchange. You received some lovely gifts and those you sent out are just as lovely. What a gorgeous tea cup you gifted.

Have a beautiful weekend ~
Barb said…
I have had the same blogging problem! Yes, i would back stitch the Nutcrackers as you finish. I don't love back stitching and that looks like it would be a lot to do when you finish all the nut crackers. Lovely tea cups!!
butterfly said…
Wow you are busy ,
Great post love all the exchanges and your stitching and WIPs .
Have a fun weekend hugs.
Kay said…
Everything looks just lovely, all of the exchanges were really thoughtful. I will pop over and look at your other blogs too now. x
Justine said…
You have been busy! I love the needlebook you received from Carmie, what a great design for Easter. Afternoon in Paris is looking beautiful, such a great gift for your friend.
Vickie said…
Your swaps are so lovely Kaye!
Stephanie said…
Hello, lovely Kaye! It was an absolute delight to visit with you today. Thank you for joining the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange.

I enjoyed seeing what you received as well as what you sent. ALL packages are BEAUTIFUL! The tea cup you sent to Tanya is exquisite, my friend.

Enjoy your wonderful goodies and again, thank you! Hugs!
Margie said…
What wonderful packages being sent and received!
Linda said…
Lovely exchange gifts Kaye. I love the other projects your working on and you have made nice progress. When are you going to start some of those charts I sent you? Like the cut thrus and Prairie Schoolers.

What gorgeous exchanges, and well done to Stephanie for organising so many. They are a lot of work which is why I like the online stuff instead!
Paris and the Nutcrackers both look great. Backstitch as you go is definitely the right choice!
Lesley said…
What gorgeous gifts in the exchanges.I would back stitch as I go,definitely.
cucki said…
Wow your swaps are so pretty
Love and smiles x
Julie said…
Lovely idea for an exchange, no wonder your friend has organised so many. Such pretty things that were sent and received.
Astrids dragon said…
What an exciting exchange, you received and sent wonderful goodies.
Your exchange was fun, thank you for hosting it! I was thrilled with what I received, you'll see soon!
I love your Paris, your friend will be thrilled.
Santa looks great! Did you know I stitched those Nutcrackers in 1993?! I posted a picture of them in 2010 on my blog. I think I waited until the end until I backstitched, but only because I thought that's when I had to way back then.
Stitching Noni said…
Great GG update! I love your teacup exchange - what a brilliant idea :o)
Lots of lovely stitching to see as well :o)
Hugs x
Debra Butler said…
Your exchange gifts are lovely. Your Easter exchange was wonderful and I enjoyed participating and made a lovely new stitching friend. I hope you do more exchanges as you did a wonderful job!
Kerryp77 said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous exchanges. you've also worked on some lovely pieces too.
Awesome exchanges! The mugs and teacups are so pretty. Definitely backstitch as you finish - the results are so much more rewarding that way, in my opinion! :D

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