Do you want to see something scary?????

My DDIL gave me some marvellous face masks she brought back from Taiwan. She highly recommended this snail essence one, yes snails!!!!!

Now, as all of the instructions are in Mandarin - I think that I did it right.

Fright Night!

 But I must admit that my skin now feels silky smooth - so I will definitely do it again sometime!


P.S. I hope that I didn't give you a fright! lol!
P.P.S. The things that we do for beauty!


Linda said…
Thanks for the chuckle Kaye.

gracie said…
Goodness me! Glad you feel silky after that....mask!!!
Kaisievic said…
You're welcome, Linda. xxx
cucki said…
He he he
I love you
Big hugs x
Tiffstitch said…
LOL, that's really funny and glad it worked well!
Super! Important is the result!
deb said…
Since it worked so well, I'd say you must be fluent in Mandarin without knowing it, lol. Thanks for the laugh.
Astrids dragon said…
Kaye, you're too much!
Stitching Noni said…
On no... you won't get me to put essence of snail on my face! Love the pic :o)
Hugs x
Julie said…
Snail essence .... ewww - good to read it worked though. Not sure I would have given it a try.
Eeeewww! I thought your DDIL liked you! Snails! Whatever next?

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