Friday Frolics Update.....

I thought it was about time that I updated you on my latest Frolicking on Kitten Stitching and the Friday Frolics.  My SAL blog, where you can join me on any given Friday to stitch away on a UFO or WIP or even a new start, if that is what takes your fancy!

So, here are my two latest FF stitchy projects..... 

(Last Friday and the Friday before and here it is Friday again!  I wonder what I will find in my WIP/UFO pile today?????)

My Seventeenth Frolic (Friday, 5th May) was a real bust!  I picked up an old UFO from a few years ago - Bothy Threads Cut Thru' Castle and I did start stitching on it again BUT!!!!!!!

I had to face reality - I had made a bad error right at the start, in the background stitching (making a cross stitch over three threads, not two - rookie mistake, I know) and instead of biting the bullet at the time and pulling it out when I found it - I kept trying to fudge it.  But, of course, I knew that the mistake was there, but I kept compounding it by trying to stitch around it and so the project was abandoned.
When I picked it up for Friday Frolics the other week, I just couldn't ignore the mistake any longer and I started frogging it - which was a thankless task.  I think that now I am going to abandon it altogether - I will use the unused portions of the fabric for smaller designs and just ditch the stitched part. 

A shame really but I have so many other things that I want to stitch that it seems to be the best plan, really.  Maybe one day I will return to it, maybe not - who knows?

(The mistake is somewhere in the light blue background, to the right of the red and white striped pole.)

My Eighteenth Frolic (Friday, May 12th) was a lot more successful - a new start!

   Walk through our Village by UB Designs.

... And this is my progress pic.....

Don't you just love the red roof?

So, that is all for me for now.

I  do wonder what I will choose today?

If you are interested in joining the Friday Frolics with me, just click on the image below to get to the SAL blog and check it all out.


P.S.  I would like to invite you to join in the fun of my Merry Xmas in July exchange. Joining up closes by end of day today (19th May)  Just click on a present below to sign up.


Anonymous said…
Hi Kaye love your village stitchery what a shame there was a mistake in your UFO,hope you have a lovely day xx
Barb said…
I think your village will be lovely. Several years ago I was doing a huge Quaker design. I decided that I hated the colors. So I did just what you are considering. many great designs have been made with that linen!
cucki said…
Yes I think your village will be so's so pretty ..
I always love your stitching's so pretty
Sending you hugs and smiles x
Linda said…
Lovely new start Kaye. Please don't give up on the castle.

The village is gorgeous, a great design. Shame about the castle but life's too short for things we don't love!
I sometimes make mistakes, I do not like it :-(
Beautiful new start!
Kerryp77 said…
Love the village.
Margaret said…
That's too bad about the Bothy piece. :( The start is pretty though!
Brigitte said…
... and again you opened your stitching treasure box and pulled out two wonderful projects. Although UB is a German designer I had never seen this village design of hers. But of course I don't know all the designs of German designers, lol.
I haven't stitched for many weeks but slowly my mojo is returning. And once I'm back to stitching I'll also be back to the Friday Frolics.
Anthea said…
Oh that damned unpicking, yuk! I think I'd be going for the 'use the fabric & ditch the rest' option... you never know, you might be inspired in the future to stat it again one day x
Nurdan Kanber said…
Kaye, those new starts are sooo adorable ♥I simly in love with the Village ♥♥♥

Have a great new week ♥
Ahhh, that's too bad! I don't blame you, though, I'm actually doing the same thing with one of my WIPs. Great stitching on the Village, though! Loving all that red :D
It's a shame you had to ditch the Bothy Threads project but when sometimes it's the only thing to do, if it's giving you grief.

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