My Fair Lady update.....

Here is my update for you of my outing to the Regent Theatre to see My Fair Lady, directed by Dame Julie Andrews, which I blogged about last post.

Oh, it was glorious!  Such a beautiful performance - the singing was great, the sets were fabulous and the costumes so absolutely gorgeous!

The only, little, disappointment was that Julie Andrews did not make an appearance as we had hoped (probably having her Nana Nap before the evening's performance - lol!).  However, the dress rehearsal raised a lot of money for Brain Cancer research, so that was great.

Of course, I had to buy a bit of memorabilia, as this is the 60th Anniversary season of the musical.

I also made a bit of a day of it in town and did a bit of shopping before the show...

First stop was the gorgeous L'ucello, a vintage haberdashery shop in the city of Melbourne.

I couldn't resist these beauties, some silver and gold lace to put in my bits and bobs drawer for use when I do some finishing of projects; some gorgeous au ver a soie silk (just because I couldn't resist the pinks); I have been doing a bit of beading on the odd project or two lately, so I bought a couple of little jars of pink and red beads; a vintage needle book and a stitched fob, which I put on a gorgeous wooden book mark that a friend's husband made for me.

I also visited one of my very favourite shoe shops, Edward Meller, where I indulged myself by buying two pairs of "dressy" runners. I couldn't make up my mind which pair to buy, so I bought both! Both pairs will be suitable to wear to work with long pants or trousers (my work believes in sensible, comfortable clothing in the office as we are not customer-facing, although, obviously, when I go out to schools to present, I dress quite formally).  What I like about them, also, is that they are pull on and very comfortable to walk in (Plus I love the bling on the black pair!)

Last stop was the big Dymock's book store on Collins Street, which I just love going to for a good old browse.  I managed to pick up the next two books in the Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron (the pseudonym for Christian Cameron, who normally writes historical fiction), which I have been trying to find for several weeks now, so I was very happy to find them.  I also had a very nice lunch of quiche and salad in the cafe there and as the book shop was just down the street from the Regent, it was a short stroll to My Fair Lady.

So, you can see that I had a fabulously indulgent day on Friday, one which I feel that I can easily justify by the fact that I have been so very sick with Bronchitis (I had almost a week off work with it and the second week, when I was still feeling quite unwell, I had to do a lot of travelling around Victoria to present at schools - there was a lot of driving) -  it really took a lot out of me, so it was lovely to be so indulgent!

Thanks for reading, 


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Linda said…
Looks like you had a great time Kaye.

cucki said…
Wow so much fun,
Big hugs x
Kaye, the beautiful day you spent, culture and art, shopping!
Vickie said…
Wow! Those costumes! I like your new runners. Fab!
Margaret said…
Loved reading about your wonderful day! How cool about Dame Julie, but too bad she didn't make an appearance. You definitely deserved this treat -- I hate being sick, and especially when one has to run around too. Happy Mother's Day!
Melinda Forbes said…
It sounds as if you had just the most wonderful time, good food, a book store, some bits for finishing your projects and an amazing fund raiser. What a day!
What a fun day out. The costumes look gorgeous and how nice to be able to photograph them so close up too.
Sorry that you've been so poorly, hopefully you're back to full health now.
Love the tea towel and the fan too.
Julie said…
{get well hug}
Nice goodies you came home with after your special performance attendance.
Barb said…
What a wonderful time you had. It sounded just great to me. Love the shoes!! Take good care of yourself. Colds in the chest can be very troubling!
Astrids dragon said…
That looks like a wonderful time, lucky you! And I love all your purchases, what fun.
I hope you're feeling better, but glad it didn't stop you from your adventure.

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