So excited!!!!!!

I am off to see the dress rehearsal of  My Fair Lady this afternoon at The Regent Theatre in Melbourne, with my Aqua Aerobics group and there is a very good chance that this wonderful lady will be there (she is the director).

I am so very excited and I will take some pics if I can!


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Lesley said…
That is exciting..I hope you do meet Julie Andrews.The first film I remember seeing as a small child was Mary Poppins when it was released in the cinema.I loved it!
I wish you a beautiful experience!
Vickie said…
Oh Kaye! THAT is a beautiful thing!! Enjoy! We want details. :D
Carol said…
Sounds like a fabulous time, Kaye. I just love Julie Andrews so much :)
Terri said…
That is SO COOL! I hope you have/had a great time!!
Tiffstitch said…
That is awesome!! And I hope you get to see Julie Andrews. I saw her on stage once, unfortunately not singing, but just to see her was amazing.
Julie said…
How exciting....lucky you.

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