Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Here is Day Three of Serendipitous Jo's Online Advent Calendar

"'Twas the night before Christmas" by Prairie Schooler from Book #63 Christmas Samplers.

Jo always sets us a little task for our blog post; we have to answer a Christmassy question:

What is your favourite Christmas song?

That is an easy question for me to answer: The Little Drummer Boy. 

Here is Pentonix (whom you have seen many times on my blog), singing it 'a capella'.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, 

Now, please don't forget to visit the Advent Calendar on Jo's blog each day up until the Big Day! 

P.S. Sorry that I have been absent from my blog for the past little while, there are lots of reasons:

1. We are moving house in sixteen days! (Wednesday, 19th December)
2. We have to go to Sydney for four days for a wedding the weekend before (very happy to be asked to the wedding but wish it was any other weekend but that one).
3. The utility companies (gas, electricity and telephone) are being *%$#  (you fill in the blank) about getting everything connected, so we will be moving with the possibility of no power or gas for a few days.
4. We have had four extra people in the house off and on over the past two weeks, which has meant lots of time socialising and (extra housework, too).
5.  We are using a portable modem at the moment which is going through gigs at a huge rate, so I have been trying to minimise my internet usage.
6. ... and I am still packing up stuff (how do we have so much???????)

P.P.S. To the winners of my last giveaway - I have not forgotten but see the reasons above as to why I haven't posted anything yet - lol!


Mary said…
Kaye, I have got to stitch a PS soon!! What a great stitch, I love the reindeer and Santa on the sled. That alone would make a great ornament.
Linda said…
Love your PS piece Kaye. I really need to dig the chart out and start it sooner rather than later. Good luck with the move. At least you don't have far to go. No hurry on the giveaway win. I'm just super excited that I won.

RJ said…
Love your PS stitch Kaye. It is very colorful and so pretty. What a great stitch to share for Jo's Advent hop. I like your choice of songs too and I love that group that sings it. Great harmony! Good luck moving into your new home and the very best wishes to you and yours. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever
Thanks for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. Great stitching and a wonderful song too.
As Linda says, at least you don't have far to go! You could just set up a human chain and pass everything over. A bookshop in the UK did that recently!
Enjoy the wedding and the rest of the festivities.
Aimetu Clare said…
I love the poem Twas the night before Christmas, that's a beautiful sampler. What gorgeous voices they have, quite a moving version of a song I remember from school.
Kay said…
And breathe!!! May your christmas be wonderful, calm, and with all of your utilities working. I so feel for you. I once moved house 10 days before christmas with three children under 5 so understand house moving stress. x
Katie said…
What a beautiful finish for the advent hop. I'm so happy to see Pentonix. They are amazing! Good luck with your move. They never just go smoothly.
Ariadne said…
Your sampler is lovely! And I love Little Drummer Boy too.
But really you are moving so soon!God , good luck! AriadnefromGreece!
Christine said…
What a completely gorgeous sampler!
Have a wonderful Christmas
Sheryl S. said…
Beautiful stitched sampler Kaye, love the design full of details. What a busy time of year for you, moving is stressful enough without Christmas in the middle. I´m sure everything will go well with lots of hands to help.
Vickie said…
What a perfect, beautiful sampler for today!
Lin said…
Gorgeous sampler Kaye - good luck with the move. xx
FlashinScissors said…
Gorgeous Sampler Kaye! Hope the move goes well!
Barbara xx
Barb said…
Sounds like you have been just a little bit busy! I do love the sampler and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!
gracie said…
Love your Advent post...I am on the 8th. If Christmas isn't a busy time and here you have all the added stuff. Take time to rest in between it all.
Astrids dragon said…
I don't think I've seen this one before, I love it! It looks great with the fabric you chose.
That is such a classic song, they sing it beautifully.
You have/will be busy, don't overdo it and enjoy the holidays! Happy Christmas.
Rachel said…
That's such a sweet little Christmas sampler! Best of luck with your move! I hope everything goes smoothly.
DJ said…
I have always loved this poem, and you've stitched it beautifully! Pentatonix is becoming one of my favorite groups, and they sang this song perfectly!
Julie said…
Loving the sampler, a fabulous finish.
Busy times... sending {hugs} xx
Lovely sampler! Best of luck with the move 🍀 Hope you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas ❤🎄❤
Mia said…
Don't worry about blogging, Kaye. We are all here for you. Get your time and be back to the blogland whenever it is convenient to you.
I LLLLLLLLLLOVE your stitching, my friend.
And "The Little Drummer Boy" is my favorite Christmas song too!!!!!!!!
Hugs, my dear lady.
Margaret said…
I love your sampler! Exciting things afoot at yours! So are you moving into that new house that was built?? So exciting! Hope all is going well. I know it's been a few days since this was posted. Good luck with everything. And happy holidays!
Carol said…
Wow! You are moving so soon, Kaye--how exciting (and just "a bit" stressful, I'm sure!) Best of luck with your move and everything else you have going on in your busy life. Congratulations on finishing that great PS piece--such a classic!
OhSewCrafty said…
Your sampler is beautiful and what a lovely version of the song, a capella. Good luck with your move!
Mary H said…
This is a BEAUTIFUL version of this design! I love your fabric and thread choices! Little Drummer Boy is my husband's favorite. He calls is the "Pummer" song. I also enjoy this version!
rosey175 said…
Lovely Christmas sampler! The people snug in their beds are great, though I almost feel like the headboard should be on the other side, like against a wall! But then the grass couldn't grow from it haha. Great song choice, too!
Elfie said…
I love your sampler, and your song choice.
I hadn't seen that chart before, but I will be looking for it now. Merry Christmas.
jocondine said…
I'm late on visiting the Advent Calendar and feel like those kids who open many doors a day to eat all the chocolates! A lot of memories about the little drumm I learned in school and sang often at the end of family meals. Good luck with the new house and happy Christmas. Joyeux Noël ! xxx
Mouse said…
Beautiful sampler … hope the move went as well as it could and that you are now connected with the utilities .. and hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the stash fairy is good to you ..especially moving this close to the big day … and nice choice of song .. love Pentonix btw ... love mouse xxxxx
Mary said…
Beautiful PS stitch!! Congrats on being in the new home. Looking forward to reading all about the adventure of building.
beadgirl said…
Merry Christmas, lovely stitching, and I hope the move went well!

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