Beautiful day in Eaglemont

Hi everyone,

Well, it is a gorgeous winter's day in Eaglemont - 18 degrees, sunny with blue skies.  Here are a couple of pics of my winter garden:

As well as another Kitten pic:
Furio (and Milo) checking out my winter garden
Here is my HAED update- Holbein's Henry.  This is  how far I have got - only on page one but I am quite pleased with my progress.

I have also done some more baking - Cherry Blondies:

They turned out really well, as you can see that I had barely got them out of the oven before DD was cutting into them and having a piece.  She pronounced them delicious!

Well, that is all for today, bye for now,
Kaye xoxox


mdgtjulie said…
Hi Kaye. I saw your comment on the HAED blog, and found you through it. I like the colors in your Henry so far. Looks great. I love me some HAED. I wanted to let you know, there is another HAED blog. It's at and you can apply for membership there, if you wanted to. Or you can email someone on the original HAED blog and request to become an HAED buddy. You write your post, add your pic, and send it to your buddy, who posts it for you. Nice to have found a new blog to follow!!
Kaisievic said…
Hi Julie, Thanks for your post - I love your blog, too (and I have entered your competition - I am thinking of having one when I get to 20 or so followers). I have tried to get onto the firstheavenandearthdesign blog twice already but I will keep trying. The buddy idea is a good one, too. cheers, Kaye
Diane Mars said…
Wow it is so strange to read your Post in July showing Winter pictures... I am in California and we still have a bit more Summer left. Your backing looks so yummy I would have cut into them too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your paper doll story with me. Hugs, Diane
Nicola said…
Mmm your baking looks yum!! Not heard of Cherry Blondies - any chance of a recipe? x
Kaisievic said…
@ Diane,
Thanks for joining my blog - I have posted on your blog a more lengthy reply.
@ Nicola, but of course - I will get it to you ASAP.

cheers, Kaye xoxo
MysteryKnitter said…
I am happy you have been able to stitch. Every stitch you make is one stitch more toward the goal.

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